In constant severe pain all over, I can hardly walk nor lift up my arms, everything is hurting :-(( Help!! been crying for the last 24hrs!!

Stressed out with having to complete CAF form for my disabled son & DLA forms for myself now, have to fight for everything (don't know how much fight i have left in me!!), really upset by it all being crying for the last 24hrs! :-( Trying to come to terms with dropping my hours of work (had to come to work whilst being signed off by GP as i only get SSP & cannot afford to take time off unpaid ):-(. Wish these politicians/bureaucrats who decide who's intitled to what help had to live a day in our lives, they might realise that genuine people shouldn't always have to fight!!!....... :-((

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  • I wish they could too Raeben, but a day is simply not long enough! Try 5 years....they would have a little clue about it then hopefully. I started the week off crying all day on Monday and Tuesday because I was frustrated I couldn't do things as simple as a bit of cleaning. Every now and again it really gets to me and I am in floods of tears because I feel sorry for myself. I feel a lot better now......I wish we could all take a lie detector sometimes, that would weed a lot of folk out of the benefit system. I would take one , no problem. I get sick to the back teeth of bureaucracy gone mad. I hope you soon feel a little better hun. I would get another GP! as well....DLA does get in touch I think, and your's doesn't sound very sympathetic if he won't put you on sick Best Wishes Hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Ellabella! Its dreadful sometimes isn't it! my GP is really good, she has signed me off work and will support me 100% in my DLA claim, but because i can't afford not to be paid - WORK DON'T PAY ME OTHER THAN SSP (sick pay goes nowhere!!) I have to go to work because i'm the main wage earner, my mortgage won't be paid if i don't work!! it's an impossible situation to be in.... i agree, if they had to spend just one day in as much pain etc.. as we do they wouldn't cope, ever mind all the years of suffering we've all had!!!...

  • Awwww..warm hugs...Had to fight for my late husband.who was disabled through a accident at 18.then cancer when he was 50...bloody lot got me sick!..xxxx

  • Can you get someone out from children's services to fill out your sone CAF forms? it will take some of the strain off you have a socail worker and if not your son is entitled to a named social worker even if you just use them for times such as this...I have a 14 year old with Autism and I know that we do not make use of all the service we can as I am able to to most things myself however there are times when we all need a little help so ask whats availiable and you may get some extra help.

    Also not sure if others are totally aware that if your GP signs you off work you are not covered by workplace insurance in the event of an accident.

  • Oh I see darling, I thought the wrong way round as usual.......hopefully you will get DLA and that will help to pay for something. Don't forget to go back through the forms if you can bear to : / .Also don't tick " it varies" box " as Atos just skip over that answer apparently. Try and put an answer to them all and write it as it is on your worst day. Hope that helps xxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks for your tips! Big Hugs! xx

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