I am in the depths of depression, and have been for the last week,is anyone else feeling this way

I' ve had Fibro for about 15yrs but only diagnosed about 7yrs ago, It has got steadily worse over the years.I have chronic fatigue syndrome,severe digestive disorders.double inconinent in pain,twitch badly at night especially when I start to dose off,I shout in my so-called sleep. I'm worn out.but the depression is hightened baly again, to my family's anoyance.I try to keep out the way and keep myself to myself I'm fed up annoying people.Does anyone else feel like tis or is it just me.I'm on all the usual meds.Anyone got any advice PLEASE!!!!! gentle hugs Maggie x

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  • Hi Maggie

    I no how you are feeling, my fibromyalgia causes me to have really bad depression, i have been on a really high dose of venlafaxine for the past 3 years and it helps me. i have also took up embroidery and making quilts just to keep me busy at my own pace and keep my mind off the pain the fibro causes. I didnt join a fibro group as the thought of sitting in a room with people feeling a s bad as i do just didnt help, but i did join a local crafting group that has really help and keeps me possitive. Also vitamin D helps, so i eat lots of eggs this seams to help with the pain.

    chin up and huggss

  • Hi Maggie, depression is not fun or good is it?? Been there, there still. Please let your family in, love. Tell them what you are going through, and make them listen and make them take you seriously. Maybe reading this site may help them understand better what life is like for us 'winging layabouts' as I was once called - not on my Christmas list now. We are all here to be supportive and hug you gently. One help for RLS is to be warm, go to bed while the heating is still on, and go 'feetal' (no idea how to spell it properly). It just about stops hurting about 1% less that it usually does. Goo luck love. Judy

  • I totally sympathise with you Maggie. I was only diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2008, but i`ve suffered with depression since 1991 when i was 15. I`ve been on so many different kinds of antidepressants over the years, but am on trazadone at the moment because i started suffering with insomnia. My depression has been bad again since last summer, and my doctor decided to refer me for cognitive behaviour therapy, which i`ve now had 5 sessions of. I feel none of my friends and family understand what i`m going through, and feel very alone x

  • Maggie you are not alone FM,IBS and Depression all seem to go together. On my 4th week of Fluoxetine now and still waiting for something to happen, as well as my dihydrocodeine,Diazepam,pribiotics. Hate anyone coming to the house, cant be bothered speaking to them. Its a help coming on here because you have a choice whether to answer or not and someone to listen to you when you want to express yourself,because doctors certainly dont want to know. The only thing is you get a bit panicky when there's no let up. My family are only just coming to terms with it after years of trying to explain to them how I feel, but I know they feel helpless.

    Well that's my moan for the day over.!

    Also, just an afterthought, this time of year is a bugger for those of us with Depression alone never mind FM as well. Do you notice how much lifted,although not better, when you get a sunny day.

    Try and ride it out like I do it will pass off or get easier and just think we are among the elite - think of all the famous people who have suffered with this depression.! not that it helps like.


  • I truly sympathise with you Maggie, depression is not easy on anyone...as the others have said, let your family in, sit down with leaflets explaining FMS, CFS and depression so the can see what you are going through. My depression is usually heightened when my husband isn't being very helpful...so please, let them help you.

    I've done all the CBT and self help stuff...(I've also tried tons of anti depressants) A quick fix I find is to change something, tidy a room, by a book, dye my hair (which is fave).

    I have suffered with RLS for as long as I can remember, before I go to bed I have a quick walk around the block, just for 5 mins, have a valerian tea, sleeping meds and then I'm usually ok to get to sleep. (staying asleep? well that's another matter I haven't mastered yet!).

    Take it easy x

  • I have fribo ibs and depression I think anyone who goes around with that much pain is bound to be depressed feel for you honey find someone in your family who you can talk to or a good friend it does help and as others say the sun will be back soon that allways makes me feel a tad better

  • I fought my way out of many years of deep, deep depression, but then I got Fibro - now it's a constant struggle not to sink into desperation again. Recently I considered suicide mainly because I couldn't cope with the pain. I thought that I wouldn't be able to get over it - but I have! I still have really bad days but I try to tell myself that it will pass. Somedays are easier than others. I've found that going to bed as early as I need,then relaxing to gentle music untill I'm ready to sleep really helps me cope. Be kind to yourself. x

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