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So suicidal!!

its All I think bout from mornin till night , in so much pain I can't even wring a dish cloth I've cried all day cuz everything is agony n I've no life I've been lookin at suicide sights coz I wanna no if I do take an overdose it will be final , I took 16 tramodol n same paracetomol other day over the day n was still in agony so wots the point , sorry for moanin on just don't no wot to do with myself :'(

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Dnt do that my sister did and left us sll drvastated! Go to ur go and explain perhaps u need some ither meds x


Donna so sorry to hear this, I've been in a flare up since coming back off holidays a few weeks ago , so I know how you are feeling, I had a great time but I'm paying for it now Big time, Went to Dr today and he gave me gabapentin?Yesterday I thought what's the point of going on like this in constant pain, but then I thought of my OH who is so patient with me and how it would affect him and I pulled myself together, try and think 'this too will pass' , my thoughts are with you.


would you talk to the samaritans or mind? they have people for you talk to and you can share the thoughts and feelings you have.

have you told your gp how bad your pain and depression are? many anti-depressants can also help with the fibro pain.

you may need to try different meds until you get the balance right.

please consider other options before you attempt suicide, and talk to us - you might not get a reply straightaway, we're all on at different times, but we are here for you.




Hi Donna. I have had those thoughts and am so pleased that I didn't go through with it, I would have missed so much. Please see your GP and explain exactly how you are feeling. As Sandra says it does sometimes take a bit of time to get the right med's.

I did a few courses with Mind and think they are brilliant. Some NHS areas work alongside a WellBeing service. They offer different types of counselling which can be in groups or individually.

Please get an emergency appointment with your GP and be honest with him or her.



Morning Donna how are you today? Will you ring the surgery this morning and ask for an immediate appointment with a Doctor Please. Go an chat to them tell them everything you can may be paracetamol is not the answer maybe you need a little hform of anti depressant and a better pain killer.

The doc should be able to make life so much better for you so try if you ask for help there are lots of wonderful people who will be there for you. Then let us know how you got on okay thinking gentle healing thoughts your way xxgins


Morning Donna, how are you today, as our good fibro friend gins has said, plzzzz go see the doc today without fail, you should be on antidepressant as well as it can also help the pain, many take amytriptyline I'm on sertralin came out in a rash with the amytriptyline, also you prob would be better with gabapentin and tramadol rather than the paracetamol, go see the doc have a good chat with him tell him exactly how you feel and you need help, do hope you sort it out, keep in touch with us and let us know how you get on, good luck, we are all thinking of you and are here for you.....sending you gentle hugs..... Dee x


Morning I've made an app with a lady doc n my best mates comin as my memory is bad n I forget in mid sentance , amatryptLine made me crazy I've bin bi polar for 15 yrs so I no im depressed I no im at rock bottom again , still feel like shit my eyes are like a bull frog so I've put off my flu jab today , thanks for listening x


Good that is a step in the right direction . Rest bath your face and put cold tea bags on your eyes and have a nap it will take the puffiness away and you will feel better.



Donna you poor little love. I feel great sadness that you are being so horribly affected by this. Please, please do take the above advice and contact your GP's surgery immediately for an appointment. No one should ever have to suffer alone like this and your GP will, I'm sure, organise a treatment suitable to your needs. If you have a good friend who you can speak to on a regular basis about how you're feeling, I would recommend this. My best friend was always just a phone call away and without her emotional support I genuinely don't think I would have got through any of my difficulties. Never underestimate the power of a problem shared. I pray you will feel less suicidal and, despite this debilitating illness, will start to feel the heaviness lift. Sending healing thoughts your way. Be kind to yourself. xx


Hi donna17,iam so sorry to hear that you are so depressed.I have suffered with depression most of my life and many many times I have felt as you do.I plucked the courage up to explain exactly how I felt to my g.p and I got some help.I really hope that you have seen your g.p and you get some help.Just a thought,have you tried any support forums for bi polar?It sounds like you need your medications to be adjusted for both your bi polar and fibro.Do let us know how you are doing please x


Hi Donna, big, gentle hugs to you my love. I hope you are feeling even just a little better? I have had times in my life when I just didn't feel like carrying on, but I have been so lucky in that I have finally found a better place to be. I moved away from my family when I met my now hubby, & now, although there are days when things seem to go a little grey, they're no longer as dark & black as they once were.

I know it seems like a cliche - but you have to start loving yourself. You ARE worthy, you ARE loved, please allow yourself to have that thought in your head, please believe that there are better times to come.

Good Luck & lots of happy thoughts & hugs coming your way,

Julie xxx


Oh Donna my love you need to take on board all the good advice you have been given. My heart goes out to you. As mentioned above there are meds out there for to ease your problem and when you find the right combination you will feel in such abetter place. I know of your darkness , I wish you all the very best god bless you and I hope you are sorted quickly so you can carry on with your life in a happier way . God bless. Xx


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