So pink

Morning all, I be been awake since about two did something I won't do again used Vicks, didn't realise till I checked in with a sister group lungs that this is what set my asthma off grrrr binning the Vicks! But have to say that the sky is very pink tonight been fairly light glowing pink since I woke up, just a thought red sky at night means a gawjus day but when does night turn to day for shepherds warning. I hope it is the signs of a beautiful day xxxxxxx love n gentle hugs to you all xxxxxxx

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  • I didn't know that vick could irritate asthmatics, you live and learn :)

    Interesting question about night and day.... I would assume day starts as the sun starts to come up.  Could well  be wrong about that and there is a definitive time  :) :)

  • Hi Smilealot 😊

    I am asthmatic and my daughter bought me an insence burner.  When I lit it I was having huge problems breathing. I had to put it out and open all the windows!

    Lu xx

  • Oh, sounds nasty! Not being asthmatic you just don't realise the triggers but a boss I had took issue with a perfume I wore as apparently it started him off.  I thought he just didn't like it and rather than say made up a lame excuse.... Obviously not 🤔

  • No certain scents set me off mainly things like bleach and peroxide never thought Vicks would do it as its meant to be good for chests lol live n learn lol xxxxx

  • True lol I keep seeing sunrise so get to experience some of the most beautiful colours almost like a completely new canvas being hung in the sky at the break of each new day lol. Me neither re Vicks but haven't had a bad attack in years so googled and found our sister group lungs really helpful hope no one else ever does it xxxxx

  • Hi Treewade 

    Were you aware that your post is not locked?

    Lu x


  • Sorry no I normally lock rm xxx

  • Wow! Didn't know that, does that go for vicky decongestants as well,also my post locked I'm not sure please lock it for me if it isent thank you.

  • Hi healthygenes  You do not need to lock your replies.  If the Post is locked then all replies are automatically locked too.

    At present this post remains unlocked but I can only lock a post without the members permission if I have done so for their internet safety or someone elses safety.

    I put up a Post explaining about locking Posts and that it is not possible to lock replies.  Here is a link to that Post:

    If you have any further queries at all, please don't hesitate to contact me, or any Admin member, and we will be more than happy to help you.

    Wishing you all the very best

    Lu x


  • Don't know defo not going to try it to find out lol with my kids n they would be so busy pointing n laughing if I had an attack I don't think any would be able to help so laying off the Vicks it explains airwaves gums though I can chew them for a minute as I like the flavour but then have to take rm out as my throat starts to close do props lol xxxxxx

  • I'm still trying to figure out why the sky would be pink at 2am! It's neither dawn nor dusk. That's when the shepherds warning is for. 

    I actually managed 2 good nights sleep in a row. I had been bad for about two weeks despite the amitriptylene lol. Must have been running on adrenaline without realising it 😊🐸

  • Has anyone tried Obasoil up a few drop in warm water in a dish in your bedroom. Really good for putting on hot stones in sauna for menthal clean out!  I don't know about asthma bud my wife gets it and it's ok with her.


  • I am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend and please take care of yourself x

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