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So flippin fed up!

I have just cleaned my bath, basin & shower. Now I am in agony & my shoulders are trembling. My dear hubby said why didnt I ask him. Why do I have to ask him when he can see what needs doing. Hes not blind!

I am so fed up with this house. I cannot keep it up like I used to. If I do a little I just suffer.Even after dusting my shoulders hurt. Sorry for the moan but feel like screaming. My body feels numb & my muscles are spasming.

Just a misersble so & so today.

Take care all. Gentle hugs. X

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well if you are miserable bless you i must be manic depressive to everyone on here today no offence meant by that term to anyone i t is jus a saying as my blogs are not toogood today but i feel the same today i am now getting in hot batha nd get my pjs on dont care that it is still light i am putting them on hope tommotrrow is better for us both and anyone else on here who is having bad day love to you diddle x


Just had a hot bath & am in my jimjams. Still hurt but st least Im clean & miserable. Lol. Its a relief to read your blogs cos I kmow I am not the omly manic depr on here lol. Take csre diddle. Hugs to all c


I agree with you both, I put my pj's on about 5 pm every night. I too don't understand why we have to keep asking for help when it's so obvious what needs to be done. Annoying is not the word!


Hi annie,

my other half will do things if i ask him, but he can see what needs done but never actually just does it.

I have gave up on my house, i have three kids and three cats and it just is too much for me to handle.

I just wish people would pick up after them selves then i would be able to do more.

Sorry i have started now and finishing right now as i could go non moaning about this forever lol.

I know exactly how you feel.

kel xxx


My hubby just the same, think he walks around the house with his eyes closed when it comes to house work. Hope you feel brighter tmrw Lou x


I am really sorry you feel so ill. Please, take comfort in the fact that most men do not see the dirt they live in. Those that do are hell to live with. My step-father was one and my mother was worn ragged trying to keep the house spotless. He would even raid the fridge and throw out stuff she had bought the day before! Cost them a fortune.

Talk to your hubby and ask him what would he rather you do? Ask/tell/nag him to do something or you do it and make yourself ill? He doesn't sound a bad sort just brought up with Mum doing for him [all you mums of boys pay attention!]

Mine is mid way. He used to be super fussy, but over the years has become more relaxed. Mainly because if he did it I would let him. Now I need him to do it, so point out what needs doing but don't set a time limit. I find that ciff bathroom cleaner is great as mostly it means spraying on, leaving and rinsing. He scrubbs the bath and tiles for me monthly. Sorry if it sounds awful, but if I do it I cannot work or do anything else and he would rather I cook than him, so thats the pay off.

I have not ironed in months. I smooth my clothes out to dry then iron what really needs it, where it needs it. Takes 2 min with minimum movement. I am sorry if I look a scruff but I cannot do repetative motion like hoovering and ironing. Fortunately the girls moved out years ago so there is only us.

Find the easiest way to do something without over taxing your body and do it that way or suffer. You are ill. So look after yourself and don't become a burden.

I really hope this is taken in the right way. This is all meant kindly, and I really hope you stop hurting soon. Next time, wipe the bath as you get out, the bath is warm the scum not settled and dried and its tonnes easier!

Soft hugs


I am in my pj's so often my postman thinks I dont possess any clothes lol. I find them much more comfortable than clothes when I am in the house, especially on days that everything is sore and tender.

How does the postman know I am never dressed I hear you ask!!. The answer to that is when he knocks the door to deliver parcels or sees me in the garden pegging out washing at lunchtime :0


I live in my pj's they are the only thing i'm comfy in. For me clothes are a necessary evil when I am able to go out. Comfort RULES and I really don't give a damn what what others think lol.


Thank you all so much for your lovely kind replies. I have taken on board all your thoughts. Love to you all & lots of gentle hugs xxx


My ex husband said that having Fibro was an excuse to not engage in the marriage! Three years after the divorce I still have it...LOL. Gosh who would want this illness for fun!!!!


OMG ANNIE!!! I could have written this!!! I got REALLY dischuffed yesterday about the state of the house, the untidiness, pile of ironing, struggling to hang the washing on the line, and my partner just said the wrong thing at the wrong time and I just FLEW at him.

I am still smouldering and feel I need to talk to him AGAIN about how I feel having to admit defeat and having to ask for HELP. Before this diagnosis, I was fully independent, houseproud, active (taught 3 line dancing classses a week, went walking, bowling, and generally LIVING) BUt I need to work on this anget I have towards him before I start to talk, and bottling it up isn't going to do me any good.

I know it must be hard for them, (esp. if like me SEX is now something posh folx get their coal delivered in!!) BUt if only he would SEE dust, grime, or would clean the bath/shower after he's used it OH AND ALSO - STOP pissing on the toilet seat, or at least WIPE IT!!)

There are no end of toilet/bathroom cleaning wipes and stuff, but he's just a bloody scruff!! OH DEAR!!! You have unleashed something in me Annie!!! THANX, at least I know it's not just ME!! Thanx for posting xxx


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