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totally sick .i have changed from d.l.a. to p.i.p. .in chronic widespread pain .have no life .cant walk or stand for too long take turns like parkinsons .been told by pain clinic .my mind thinks i can do things but body says different .had this illness for 20 odd years .got wheelchair and scooter .never out .and bang .i get letter today saying im not entitled to mobility and just get standard rate .care 53 pound a week well god knows where they get there information from 8 points for care and 4 for mobility ..shocking .under stress .feel like ending it all .bad enough living as i do .without all this .believe me .if i was fit i wouldnt be sitting in my bed 24 /7 like a small cell ... whats the point .going through all the claim again .more stress .just to let everyone know .i would love to change places with the atos .rep who came to that decision .just for a day .B.............. moan over take care xxxx

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I wish I could help you. I have been there for sure. It was a truly bad time in my life. I live in states so I really know nothing about how your system works there. I wish I had answers for you. The only thing I can suggest is call a hot line or whatever you call them there and talk to someone. Call your doctor and see what they have to say. Just hang on and try to come out on the other side of this. Hugs

Hi inagony

I am so genuinely sorry to read that you verbalise feeling low & you may be depressed and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck. Fibro can, and does bring out the dark clouds but I know that you are a unique individual and with the right support I hope you can find the strength to overcome.

Please do not be offended but I have pasted you the telephone number for the Samaritans below. I have done this out of friendship and concern for a fellow sufferer. If you ever need somebody to talk to please do not hesitate to ring them. If you are short of money they will ring you back.

The Samaritans: 08457 90 90 90

I understand too well that appealing etc can cause a great deal of stress but it is better to sit and reflect about this prior to making an appeal than it is to not bother when you may be entitled to a benefit.

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


PS A fellow Admin has just reminded me of the FMA UK benefits helpline - It should have reopened by now as it was temp closed for a few days:

FMA UK National HelplineGeneral Fibromyalgia Helpline0844 887 2444

FMA UK Welfare Benefits HelplineBenefits Helpline0844 887 2450

FMA UK Benefits Helpline

Please note that the Benefits Helpline will not be availabe from Mon 10/08/15 - Fri 21/08/15. The Helpline will resume as normal from Mon 24/08/15

Hi what a title No that is not all I wrote my computer has a mind of its own Grrr


Hi how are you doing now ? Please dont give up I realize it is tedious but challenge the payment descion. Write a diary both for pain and how you manage it and for mobility explain the distance you can move with No pain

Do you get out at all? shall we check see if their is a group in thr area you live- you never know there some help and support for you locat lly.

Most importan t that you make positive moves to managing this condition.

Good luck keep us posted



Hello, inagony. Like Regnofibro1, I also live in the US, and I am concerned for you, too. I think you should call your doctor, a family member, a friend, anyone who might help you talk through this. And I sincerely hope you will call them soon.

It is possible there may have been a mistake made on that recent decision, and you might get it corrected. At any rate, it is worth an appeal. I've seen posts that many have done so and won: I've been reading posts here for awhile, and believe that help is available for people who are in situations such as yours. Ken has given Help Line phone numbers below where you might get the information you need.

You sound as tho you might also be suffering from depression along w/your pain and other issues, and that can often cause one to feel "paralyzed" ~ unable to make decisions or act appropriately regarding their needs. If you feel this way, please try to use the number for the Samaritans that Ken provided ... they can offer much needed help. As did Ken, I only suggest this as a fellow sufferer. I, too, have severe and often unbearable pain ... pain I think will never end.

Sending soft hugs, and lifting you in prayer that your burdens will be lightened ... Please stay in touch ... pm if you'd like ... bk

Hi inagony

I cannot help you like the people who have written above, but I am thinking of you, even though I do not know you and all I can offer is a prayer for you.

God Bless you and help you and be with you all the time. He always helps me.

Marguerite9 xx

Hi inagony

I once lived in the UK and understand your frustrations with the tedious beaurocratic system. I get how pointless it can feel. And how you just want it to end. But it's important to find ONE reason not to end it all. it could be a person you leave behind who would be devastated or a pet who depends on you and is a best friend. I hope this feeling will pass for you...please post to let us know yiu are ok. x from New Zeland

I am in USA SO NOT FAMILIAR with your systems but sounds like you need to appeal the decision! I know it is hard by yourself, do you have family and friends that could help ?

Sit back have a day to settle your thoughts.Then go for it get yourself support that will come to you .Follow Kens advice..

It is a statistics game at DWP!

Go for reconsideration but make sure subject to extra written advice .Otherwise like me they will reconsider without extra evidence watch timescales.

I was like you getting my mobility car taken away was devastating.I have not been out (except hospital transport!).

My advisor is handling my appeal ready for Tribunal BRING IT ON !!!

My heart goes out to you Lots of Hugs...its not the end of the road

DWP want claimants to give up at first hurdle - by proceeding through the process it changes statistics from DWP to our side .PIP is still being rolled out so statistics have been given to DWP to cut our mobility/care .If we don't challenge & fight we will be treated as passive & accepting!!



Stay strong! Sounds hard but i have just been through assessment too. Get help filling out that form and for your appeal either from citizens advice or carers charity. The systoms inconsistencies are ridiculous. I was given standard mobility based on my bad days - good days i can walk further than 50m but suffer greatly for it later, bad days i cant walk at all and based on the last 3 months its been really bad. I came out of assessment totally humiliated and very down but theres so much help and good advice available from the good people here. Please seek help to get the right benefit you are entitled to. Dont let them wear you down. Find some inner strength to get what you want. Jax xx

Hi ,please don't do anything silly ,I did and it affected my family so much ,so from the bottom of my heart ,I ask you not to even think it .I do truly know how you feel ,iv had ME for 16years and FIBR for 10 yrs .and I also have damaged Spine ,heart ,Bladder ,ECT .I won't bore you with my health problems ,but iv not been out side my home in 2yrs ,iv even cancelled hospital appointments cause I couldn't get there. You must Appeal and get your MP involved ,tell him everything ,and when you fill the paper work in you must put your WORST Day is All the Time, and get your Doctor to do a letter.

I hope I haven't upset you saying all this ,but iv been there got the Extra Large T-shirt .and I suffer from Depression ,and I know how difficult it is to carry on your life ,but you must.

If you need anymore to talk to ,I will allways give you my number ,iv got big ears and large shoulders .(not really ),

Love an Huggs.


This is a horrible stage in your life but it can and will get better. Please make use of the advice given, take comfort that a lot of people care. Gentle hugs

It's hell. It feels like you just start to get going then bang, another brick wall. It's one fight after another.

The guys in the know have given you the details, and everything else has already been said.

You have my empathy 😺


Dear Inagony,

I read your post and just felt the need to respond.

I really do hope that you have found someone to talk to so that you can take the first step back into the sunshine. You only have to read the posts of support on here, from all over the World, to see that you have struck a chord with people. People who are thinking of you and trying to give you strength.

Fairness and PIP medical assessments are not two phrases that go hand in hand. What should be a very person centred process, is anything but.

One fight is over but the battle has yet to begin. Gather your strength and your evidence. You do not have to be alone, go to the Citizen's Advice Bureau and ask for their support. I see that there is now a benefits helpline which Ken has shared so please do give them a call.

It took me two years and a mandatory reconsideration together with a load of stress and I got there in the end.

Do not lose sight of what you have and what you want to achieve.

With very best wishes.


Hi imaging The system is hard to fathom.But you are a strong person.Try the positives.

Just spend a few moments writing down things you are grateful for.

Even the fact it is sunny today I am grateful for!

Update when you can we on forum are rooting for you!

ty all for your kind words of support i will get back to you all shortly ....i hope lol xxx i am sitting with a good friend chatting away just now xxxx bless xxx

So sorry you feel this way. I can truly recognise how you feel. Have been battling fibro and m.e. For 20 years plus. I had to leave work in 2008 and it took me over 5 years to get any help. I was at an appeal where I ended up in tears because I was basically told to my face I was a liar.It was bad enough facing 5 strangers and just me. I cannot explain how awful it was.As fo Atos the blatant lies were unbelievable.Quote " I attended interview alone. My 6ft built like a brick brother was right next to me. I have spent many days and nights crying and feeling suicidal. I really could not be bothered to try again the stress does not help our disease either. They ran me into the ground. Before I was ill I was a very strong person working 60 plus hours a week and studying to be a counsellor.I worked in a fast paced hard environment and never took no for an answer. I still cannot believe what I am today just a shell. I did decide to try"one more time". I had to think of the person Iused to be. It took many years many let downs and I could not believe it when I was awarded PIP.Don't get me wrong life is still not a bed of roses and there are more bad days than good. But please please do not give up. I'm always here if you want to vent.

appeal it i did and now have the standard on both . im not in wheelchair but do use one when in shops and if back goes when at home alone ask for mandatory recon then appeal if no use they really are morons

hope they all get fibro

ps dont consider suicide thats going to give more money back to the goverment just think what they would save on your pension alone . just go to welfare right and let them help you .

Oh my god do not do anything sit it just the stupid government .. Get yourself to welfare rights and get someone to help you fight back ... Please ... Stay strong ... And go get help xxx

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