flare up starting

Good morning, i have woke up this morning feeling terrible . my hands are swollen, every joint in my body hurts i have just managed to brush my hair. wish i didnt have to go out but i am at the hospital this morning to collect some orthotics they have made for my knees. i am there tomorrow with my occupational health and on friday i am at the clinic for my nails cut. also have to collect dads prescription on way back from hospital and then visit dad who i visit every day. i want to feel well and this bloody illness along with arthritis and several other issues will n ot let me alone. i know i should not feel sorry for myself but today i do

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  • Oh bbst, I'm sorry you've woken to a flare making its presence known again. Why is is that it happens when we've got loads going on? I hope that you manage to get done what you have to, but then make yourself really comfy when you get home, dose yourself up with meds and rest as much as you can.

    It is perfectly fine for you to come here for support and to feel sorry for yourself, if I had all that going on I would too, so do pop in here for support and we will try to help, even if its for you to vent and get things off you're chest.

    Take great care and sending healing thoughts your way :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi bbsport, sorry to hear u are feeling rough we know only too well how rough a flare up makes you feel and to then have to push yourself to do something important makes you just wanna give up doesnt it, it all becomes a little too much.. ..you, like all of us are entitled to have a sorry for me day now n then, so don't worry,....we are here for you and to give you as much comfort as we can possibly give, do hope you feel little better tomorrow,try not to push yourself too hard, I know your wish is to take care of your Dad but if you overdo it and become a lot worse how are you going to be able to do that, plzz try to pace yourself, this is a very debilitating condition, and I think the majority of us have arthritis, I do, I have spondylosis of the neck and lumber spine, and other issues unfortunately Lot of these conditions are linked with this fibro, it's a bummer of a condition, you take care now, and take time out for yourself, sending a huge gentle hug to you and look forward to reading your posts.....Dee x

  • thank you both for your replies i am now home , sorted the cats and their litter box and soon i will get a wash and pj s on. at the hospital again tomorrow to see the occupational therapist and friday at the clinic to have my nails cut. i got a call this afternoon from the endoscopy as dd had a sigmoidoscopy and endoscopy last week and they could not complete the sigmoidoscopy and they want it to be done again which i know he wont so they have got an appointment through the cancer care to see him in clinic to see what options are available for him and then we will decide from there - dad is 86 and i am his carer as we lost mum 4 years ago so i visit every day and so does my brother. i am still waiting for the results from the biopsies i had taken just over 2 weeks ago to be honest i think with all this going on the a i am run down so thanks for listening to me - hugs to all of you

  • Hope you feel happier soon. Try not to burn yourself out looking after your dad make sure you ask someone for help or you yourself will not be well enough to care for anyone xx

  • I know how you feel took lyrica last night for the first time as had a flare up now for a month, it's horrible dizzy sickness legs feel like lead had to use my stick . Now on tens machine . Doctor not sure that it fibromyalgia waiting to see specialist. I know how hard it is to keep going bbstport but you must rest xx

  • thanks for that when do u see specialist

  • Four to six weeks !! which is pants xx

  • that is quite a long time but the way waiting times aare at the min then that is quick

    hope is pases quickly for you x

  • Hello sympathy and I know how you are feeling ,I started mine last night and was in so much pain it was gone 6 am before I slept .I can't find my nerve tablets to stop the peripheral pain separate to the fibro pain agggg can't we just have one day without pain.Hope it stops soon honey for both of us .xy

  • hope so matrix - hugs x

  • Bless you bbsport hope tomorrow is a better day for us both xx

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