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Muscle spasms?

Hi all

I normally just sit on the sidelines digesting all that is being said. Today I have a Q.

I get the 'normal' pains everywhere but lately in legs and upper arms it feels like muscles jumping. Not causing any more pain than usual but is weird seeing trousers and top moving outwards when it happens!

Is this another fibro phenomenon?

Thanks for reading this

Hugs to all

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It is for me. I often can see places in my arms legs and hands do that. I got worried at first but it is apparently quite common. The only problem is when I'm trying to eat and my hand does it out of the blue. Food pings everywhere lol x


The last time i had a spasm in my hand was when I threw a cup of coffee all over myself, complete with cup,


Yeah. . I've ruined so many clothes over the years gotta laugh, eh?



I get strange twitches here there and every where but mostly in my right hand.

its odd because i dont feel anything, i just see things that i should be holding fly across the room. They include a pottery dish, knives and jelly babies. :O

Hugs sue xx


Would be a good excuse for throwing things at the kids...but my strength won't allow me do it unless I'm having a twitch. .. ;)

I'm not allowed near knives...for everyone's


I threw the dish at my hubby, but amazingly i caught it in my other hand. As megs is usually hanging around in the kitchen, on the scrounge, She is the one dodging knives.

As for the jelly babies, I was eating them in the car and could not stop laughing when one hit me in the face after bouncing of the side window.

s xx

Reply didn't catch it in your mouth when it rebounded off the window? .....bah I'm a little let down now.....



:P :P :P

Shall we have a fibro funny?


It never happens to my haribo. Lou xx


Thanks foggynut and mayrose, made me laugh! That explains my wayward teamug!

When I first saw it I thought I had been invaded by an Alien beeing. Isn't there a film about it?


..oh don't. ..that's a scary film. .lol


whooooooooooo wonder what pops out......


...Please. ..noooooooo. not sleeping well atm due to nightmares and pain...and I have actually had jumps on my arm this evening. ...

...buuut. ..I'd like to think it was a teeny elephant that when it broke free used it a little trunk to massage me when I needed :)


ah how sweet:)


Or....or..or...A teeny hippo that could walk up and down on the knots in my hippo :)


Prefer my little hamster,he sleeps for ages


Hi ursi

I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing muscle spams, and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve. On a few occasions I have had restless legs, whereby the muscle appears to jump and it is quite annoying!

I want to wish you all the best of luck, and it may be something to discuss with your GP to see if there is anything they can do about it?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


I get it too from time to time. I have know idea why!!! xxx Mitzi


thanks all for the replies. Just another mystery we have to live with!

Good weekend wishes to you all xx


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