Spoke to the police

I called 101 today having decided to report the two men who harassed me in my local car park last week. (My grumpy old woman post) My friend persuaded me to as their next victim might be more vulnerable and frightened. Police were helpful and said if I called 101 (999 only if they were actually threatening me) they would have sent a car round. When I said I was a bit nervous about going back to the car she said they could have arranged for a policeman to escort me back. That was very reassuring in case it happens again. They will pass it on to see if there have been any reports and I will mention it to the staff at the community centre where the car park is.

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  • Well done. Sounds like you did the right thing.

  • evening all :D well done

  • Could this be another Dixon of Dock Green fan?? How I loved that on a Saturday night.

  • Me too. Wasn't it great :)

  • Do you think they'd send a Panda car :))

    Sorry, no offence meant, just my silly sense of humour.

    Good on you for calling. It sounds as though they were extremely helpful.

  • Good one, I like it!

  • Phew! I'm. Glad you found it funny :)) xx

  • Panda, you've done right thing, no one should abuse a lady like they did you, I hope they get a big slap on the wrists !!

    Foggy x

  • I am pleased they were helpful what a difficult thing toface up to. Well done. Xgins

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