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Times when I love being a grumpy old woman!

If there is one thing I cannot stand it is miserable, self righteous old men who think they can pick on women. Not sure what crime I committed in my local car park but two of them were waiting for me to tell me! I ignored the first remark but when I got the old chestnut 'deaf as well as stupid' that was it. First I told them not to be so rude then after another comment gave it to them both guns blazing and told them I had a painful back, was disabled and to go away (and I used a rude word). Another rejoinder from them so I just told them to go away and walked off. Glad I did what I did as I know they wouldn't have come near me if my husband had been with me.

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grrr to them they are naughty .. and good for you lmao you made me laugh better warn the doctors not to re approach a fibromyalgia patient :D I know these days i dont stand any nonsense from any one lol :D good on you :P


Thanks! Get that from my mother who was a force to be reckoned with.


How nasty for you Panda, 'm glad you stood your ground, but it is so prevelant in society these days that people don't have any respect for others. A real decline in our society as a whole and most unattractive !!

Foggy x


You are quite right. I try to be polite to other people but at the same time stand up for myself if I need to.


Remember Panda sticks and stones a good proverb - you seem to have escaped relatively unscathed.

It is a shame when it becomes necessary to resort to this sort of behaviour sound like they were in need of a talking too from the politeness police - We never know quite how we will react until it is ourselves in the same situation

Have a better day xgins


I'm not scared of bullies like these as I know they are that horrible breed of men who like to intimidate women. They picked me because I was alone and there was no one else at the ticket machine.

They have done it before and they will do it again but not to my 6ft4 son I suspect!! Wish I had been calm and assertive and told them firmly to go away but it was one of those days where I was feeling totally shattered, my back was aching and I had two separate medical appointments plus physio.


I wouldn't have used A rude word.....the air would've been blue!!!! I do admire your restraint!!!! XXX But don't they make you sick?? Superior race?? As Jim Royle would arse!!!! XX


I love the Royles too!

Decided that I will call my local police tomorrow and have a word with them. I realised now that they deliberately set out to target me and that their attitude was threatening to me, especially their refusal to go away. At one of my classes in the centre where my class is there a few elderly women in poor health and I wouldn't want this to happen to them.

Will let you know what the police say. x


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