Morning all To be positive about the situation!

I am positive that my tolerance levels to pain are diminishing! I am positive that this Autumn I am going to achieve more hours when I can do things instead of sitting trying to make the hours pass between pills. I am going to be more positive - more outward going - I shall try and get out more! I would love to say that I will take less pills but that would be foolish as my body is crumbling and eeh it hurts however I do not want to complain all the time. so I am not going to._I think and so it shall be_ So from today I am going to use a positive mantra -



That sounds good so here goes mumble mumble mumble today I shall start illustrating my book! Wish me luck guys good luck to you hugs x gins

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  • well done,wish I could start to be more positive! I do try to laugh a lot which helps! x

  • Well said Gins!

    I love your blogs

    Thats what my Dr's say to me funnily enough

    Small chores and sit for longer inbetween hehe

    Will chat later

    Foot ball match with daughter


  • Hey way to go Gin's!!!! I hope your blog rubs off on many of us!! It's made me feel a bit more positive!! Thanks hun.

    Go for it!! but do not over do it!! I know when I have the odd good day (used to be other way around) I go for it & it comes back to bite me hard on the ass!! Hahaha!

    Take care. Gwen. :) xx

  • Hi gins.

    You sound like the little train in the childrens tale who changed his mantra to - I can I can I can...... And guess what! He could and did eventually get up that hill. :-) think that story is a perfect analogy for most fibromites life - we must overcome many many obstacles on our journey but with perserverance courage determination and positivity we can all manage to reach the top of the hill :-) best of luck to you on your journey x Dixie x

  • Hip Hip Hooray, I give you a big pat on the back, I try my damdest to be as positive whenever and however I possibly can.

    Best of luck, keep looking forward

    BIG hugs and loads of Possitivenessssssss

  • Well done to all who are trying to be positive!

    It's hard, I know, but taking time to be glad about even small achievements is much better than concentrating on all the things you haven't managed.

    If all else fails, try a cuppatea and a chocolate biscuit - surely the most cheering combo in the world!

    Luv ... Moffy x

  • To all you lovely Fibro friends thanks for being Positive with me - I love it- hope you all climbed a mountain (however small) hugs xgins

  • Well done Gins, inspirational! :)

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