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This morning Morning All by the way, it has taken 2 hours to get through all the

E-mails and spams sent in to my computer yesterday. How Mad is that so many I needed so many I scrapped. I am now on second cup of coffee and I guess I am ready for anything :)

My agenda today is once again to slogg to the hospital to see a specialist physio. I went yesterday and it was an error so back I go. So we need a good sunny day please, nice smiley people when I get there, answers would be a blinder but I shall just keep the fingers crossed.

So I will be about from ooh 1.00 if anyone fancies a chat :)

Keep your chins up guys keep smiling


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Hi Gins hope your day goes well


Thanks hun it has already changed the phsio is of ill :( so posponed :( so I am playing catch up on home things and back here :) Have a good one xgins


hope it all goes well for you, this has happened to me but at the doctors -I had an appointment booked and turned up at the clinic and sat waiting whilst other people went in who turned up after me and when I was finally able to speak to my dr he said he didnt have me down on his list btu someone else hadn't turned up and I said that was my appointment time.he said he couldn't see me event tho it was the receptionists error and I was fuming that I had wasted an hour of my time .even more so when the surgery wouldn't accept responsibility.are you at the BGH?


That was rotten luck for you and exasperating never mind we have to learn such patients don't we. Mine has just bee cancelled and re booked Hey Ho as my Dad would have said There is always another day.

Take care try and go out in the sun today

nd smile xgins


Hi gins

hope you session goes well.




Hi gins

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today?

I am so sorry to read that your appointment has been cancelled, good luck for next time.

Ken x


Thanks Ken take care xgins


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