Morning to you all

So sorry I could not really take part in the trip yesterday I was suddenly other wise occupied with visitors.

I hope everything wet well and you enjoyed the experience.

So now it is the beginning of the weekend I hope you all have a good one. Take lots of rest and plenty of (I was going to say gin) smiles and be positive


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  • :p :D :p

    LOLOLOL your presence was missed gins xxxx shows that you are loved ;)

    Anyhoo! You can join in the second part whenever we have it and you can go In the London Eye and then enjoy the River dinner cruise and dancing :D Does that sound tempting? I have vertigo too so not bothered about the Eye even in virtual land :o

    Enjoy and most of all have fun :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • Morning gins, morning zeb, hope you are all suitably rested :-)

    Doglets clearly had a lovely time yesterday on their day out and have refused to get out of bed yet (not that my still being here has anything to do I with it ;-) ) and demanded extra treats yesterday eve for services rendered, tho methinks they probably had more treats than was good for them, Mr B clearly had caramel in his whiskers so it think he'd definitely been at the curly wurlys :o :D

    Foggy x

  • LOLOL morning Foggy :)

    How's you this morning?

    xxx :) xxx

  • I wondered where that extra curly wurly disappeared to? :O now I know,hehe :D he definitely deserved it though for all his wonderful services rendered :)

  • I was exhausted .... so have had a duvet day and am now sitting making felted robins for christmas fayre in the village and finishing another felt project with some shells which have been in a box in one of my drawers for ages and have now mysteriously vanished.......... deary deary me ....what am I like....... brain dead methinks :o :o

  • Well it was a bit of an ordeal that you went through yesterday Hunny so I'm pleased to hear that you've had a duvet day :D Hope you've got you're fluffie cuddle recliner just right ;) The doglets deserve a duvet day too after working so hard heheh! I'm not too different myself as I cannot stay awake and am in and out of sleep.................. well needs must as they say :D I did manage to get bathed and dressed today which was an achievement :o ;)

    Keep relaxing and stay snug as a bug xxxzeb :)

  • Oooo I'm am definitely snug, the nuclear reactor is gently chugging away into the background, doglets have been fed and are now in serious shut down mode, and I'm heading for a restorative cup of tea :-) You take it easy after all your galavanting yesterday, you must be worn out ;-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • Good evening all :) Iam totally shattered today :O but so proud of myself for getting out despite the fact that I felt ill this morning.I went to my mums and then took my kids to their dads.They were both supposed to sleep round giving me a much needed break but ended up bringing my youngest home with me as he was crying and wanted to come home with me bless him.He is a mummy's boy :) was going to have a lovely long relaxing bath but that didn't happen :( oh well,will have to have one in the morning now.I bet Iam going to be so tired tomorrow and I've got to drive to pick my oldest boy up so hope I have enough energy now :O As anyone about this evening?Oh sorry gins,there's me waffling on and I didn't even say how much you and your broomstick were missed :D

  • OH Haribo bless you I think my broomstick fell off the coach at the traffic lights= My house suddenly became a zone full of cooking and laughter after which my daughter son-in-law and my gorgeous blondie Michael my grandson appeared. Apparently he couldnot wait any longer to see me. So the tea time arrival became lunch time. Consequently there was no time for me to come and steal he Jewels whaaaaa! sorry guys. They go later so I will be on later xxgins

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