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Has anyone had surgery and been told afterwards that surgery was difficult due to multiple adhesions?

Previously had a D&C due to miscarriage and severe infection, C-Section and within the last 5 months I've had my Gallbladder removed and six weeks ago a abdominal hernia repair. The last 2 surgeons have commented on that surgery was difficult as I have a lot of adhesions which some had to be removed to do the surgery. I've still got a lot of adhesions left as there are too many to remove. I'm in a lot of pain where these have been removed. Both surgeons haven't been able to tell me what's causing the adhesions. Anyone one else have the same problem and if so what's the cause? Thanks

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Oh how awful that must be :-(

I feel for you - I know that every time anyone has surgery that scar tissue appears around the incision both inside and outside of the body - this scar tissue can then adhere to organs close to the incision :-(

I'm not a doctor, so please don't take my reply as "certain" I'm speaking from experience only - I hope you feel much better, very soon :-)


hugs sorry to hear this :/ xxx


Wish u better soon gentle hugs to you ....Dee x


Sorry to hear all this GG. I haven't had many op's but was in a bit of discomfort for a few months and get a few pings occasionally after several years but not to the extent you have. I had a few friends who have had adhesions after some major surgery and they were told that the pain would subside after time.

Sorry can't help more, I hope it eases for you.




I have suffered the same. I have had various minor abdominal ops and a hysterectomy, (ovaries left) more than 20 years ago. In 2010 I was diagnosed with kidney cancer and a benign Brenner tumour on my left ovary. I had cryotherapy for the cancer which was successful and I had to have both fallopian tubes and ovaries removed in what was a pretty extensive and horrendous operation.

I was told afterwards that the op was very difficult because of the adhesions which they had to cut and scrape away to get to the ovaries. I think they call this an adhesiolysis.

It happens when you get raw edges of a wound sticking together and to everything else on the inside and is very common. Each op will have this problem, depending on how big and complicated the op is and although the surgeon will take care not to make the problem worse it cannot be avoided.

In my case a piece of left ovary is still there as they could not get to it, so is being monitored. On the follow up appointment the surgeon told me it was a good thing the op wasn't done as an emergency procedure because of possible difficulties in getting a specialised surgeon as against having a general surgeon. He also told me never to have appendicitis or anything else involving my tummy as it would now be extremely difficult.!

As for the pain, it will settle but may take several months, I could not walk upright for weeks and had to take strong painkillers. Also it made me fairly depressed and I had to take medication. .Even though it was 3 years ago the memory is still there.

I really sympathise, just remember tomorrow will be better than today, next week better than last week.

Hope this helps.


Totally agree, the operation for removal of tubes and adhesions is horrific and so so painful.

I have had years of investigations and ops and now know each op eventually increases the scar tissue. My ovary was firmly stuck to my bowel and tube stump the other side also adhered plus it had moved into my stomach. I struggle each day and night with multiple symptoms, chronic pain and fatigue plus have Diverculitis, osteoarthritis in my hips and apparently a small Hiatus Hernia, prolapse and to add to that, I have started having elbow and knee pain which is agony when I kneel and affects walking. I continue to tap in my symptoms in a desperate often futile search for answers and Fibro keeps coming up. I am terrified of more agonising complex surgery due to the risk of more adhesions it is a living nightmare!


Over 2 years ago I had a hysterectomy and I have been very unwell since.

I started to get lumps in and around my stomach.

After getting some tests done I got told it was lymphoma [ fatty lumps. I told the Gp about the pain I was suffering and he said there was no with lymphoma. So I still don't know to this day what is causing the pain. The Gp did put me on painkillers but they did not help much. If anyone knows or has the same experience please could anyone get back to me.


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