does anyone get tummy trouble with fibro?

can anyone tell me please do they suffer from stomach problems with their ibs ?im having probs with pain and discomfort everyday !have had a scan that seems ok according to scan operater obviously its got to be looked at by doc as well .im really worried as my mum died of pancreatic cancer so im hoping its the fibro.could this be a possibility to look at many thanks

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  • Many of us fibromites have irritable bowel syndrome I often get a lot of trapped wind in my stomach too. Hope you doc confirms the scan operators thoughts

    Good luck VG x

  • thankyou for answering i have had bouts of ibs with fibro before but this time its really bad thankyou xx

  • I have bad tummy ache and pain quite regularly and can be a right pain, especially if I need a no 2, I have a irritable bladder may need to have it lifted, so yes tummy probs are I'm afraid common place

    Hope your scan comes back clear

    Regards Nicki xxx

  • I was diagnosed with moderate diverticular disease 4 years ago...Both my paternal and maternal grandmothers died of bowel cancer and my maternal grandmother also had the same disease as does my mother...I had a flare up last year and thought I was dying as the pain was so worst fear is surgery so I try to eat well to keep things at bay. Not sure if anyone else has the same condition with fibro. I get sore ribs when I am a little full, usually on the left side

  • Here's my findings on what I call my dicky tummy I have IBS several bouts of constipation/diarrhea but I also have diverticulosis/divertuculitis and they both give me severe pain to the point of fainting.

    Hope scan results ok.


  • thankyou all for your answers very much appreciated im def going to look into the diverticulitis thanks all xx

  • At least you have had a scan done so if there was anything to worry about it would show up. So if they say it is ok you can relax and ask for themto give you something to help with the pain. You may be eating something that is making you worse. My Doctor told me to write everything I eat down for a week or two and then see if the pain is bad on certain days you can look to see what you had to eat.

  • With my IBS sometimes the pain can be excruciating -- It sometimes feels as intense as "labour pains!" and can be quite frightening. I was investigated for endometriosis, coeliacs disease and Crohn's disease which included laparoscopys, barium meals, etc.(all were clear) As your scan appears ok lets hope that it is not anything more sinister. I also get irritable bladder which gives pain in my lower abdomen also. xx

  • thankyou all guys ,i was wondering to myself if tramadol is making tummy pain worse so todays been hell as ive tried to stop them for 2 days fortunatly i have oxynorm and amitrypt to fall back on tummy been a little better so im guessing thee tramadol where aggravating the situation but its been so hard and painful!to try stop them after 7 years !so fingers crossed till i get scan results thanks to all for taking time to reply its much appreciated xx

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