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Quick Question.....does anyone have problems with their ears?

Quick Question.....does anyone have problems with their ears? I feel the need to constantly clean them as they feel blocked and painful but they also feel like there's pressure inside them? The only way I can describe it is they feeling your arm gets when your having your blood pressure done! Hope that makes sense? X

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hi i get very itchy ears and tinatus also i hate loud noises.hope u feel better soon hun xxx


i think i know what you meen does it go after a little while ?

its a boom boom in your ears like your pulse is in your ear drum ?

or maybe thats just me lol


Hiya, I get tinnitus and pressure in my ears, like they need to pop but they wont. They often feel blocked but there is no blockage.

As far as I know mine is down to meniers syndrome as that was dx first but I think they are overlap symptoms of fibro as well xx


yes i feel i have to clean my ears too,it's awful and itchy,it feels like something inside wriggling around,i have to itch vigorously to feel any comfort and sometimes they feel sore, i thought it was something to do with my TMJ (jaw disorder)as it's very close to my ears xx


Yep I do have itchyness and also oh dear can;t remember what it's called erm.

eczema that's it right from a child.

I also have what is called Chronic rhinitis, which flares up now and again causing balance problems and dizzynees, pain in the eyes and forehead ,like migraine.

I have found that placing a small piece of raw onion wrapped in thin cotton in the ear and taping it over to secure .cures this.


Just itchy ears for me...not the other thing!

Just one symptom of fibro is enough to cope with but the cumulative effect of all of them...plu s the new ones that pop up from time to time...eeerrrggghhhhh! Oh well, the sun is shining :)


Hi yeah i get so jus need to wiggle finger in my ears lol know it sounds odd but never really thought about til you now asked the question so another thing to add to my ever growing fibro list lol love diddle x


Hi,Yes i get it aswell,the only way i can put it is like your on a plane and need your ears to pop...and they get sore aswell with sharp pains shooting in them..Well saying that its usually my left ear for some reason??

I havnt found anythg to help me either.I hope ya get sorted xx


Hi rhi rhi,

My ears are exactly like that. all the time.

I think i have tintinitus too, So you are not alone.

No doctor has ever said how to treat it it, i just hope i dont have to put up with all my life.

It feels like i have cotton wool stuffed in them to me.

kel xxx


Thanks for all your replies, sorry for delay been in bed most of the weekend! Def best to check it out when I next see the doctor, just not very good at communicating with people do I more often than not don't say what I need to/what is wrong.

Thanks again, hope you've all had a food weekend x


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