DLA refused, any hope for a reconsideration ?

Received the dreaded brown envelope this week, what a surprise, refused DLA. I was so wound up, phoned them directly and diplomatically gave them a running commentary of my symptoms, not sure this will make any difference, does anyone know if I will receive another letter if they have told me, they would put my case for reconsideration, or do I have to appeal straight away? I feel better for explaining it all first hand, instead of by ticking boxes and I also received an encouraging phone call from my GP, who said he would back me completely if I am unsuccessful, which means so much, to know someone, apart from fellow fibros and family, is behind me big hugs x

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  • Just keep appealing poppy, i had DLA, and Mobility for 10 years, so keep appealing. in Feb this year the government took mine away from me. Have had fibro for 13yrs. Have now sent a tribunal appeal in, am now waiting for an answer. sending you gentle hugs and fingers crossed for you. XX

  • Aw, thanks Vi-twink, sounds like you've been through it too, can't see why you shouldn't be successful, especially with your history. I will appeal, as I am in agony with continual back spasms and I don't think a form can explain this. Thanks for your encouragement and I'll keep fingers crossed, gently for both of us and anyone else that needs it xx

  • If they will reconsider, you may avoid the appeal process. Some years ago I got DLA on a reconsideration because I had specifically said they should contact my consultant not my GP and they had contacted my GP.

  • they turned me down once and said they rote my g.pand she had put diferent on the form that i had. when i went to see my g.p. at a later date she said that they didnt even right to her.......ive found that if you have a letter from yr consultant a g.p and i get one from my ocupational therapist to. that i might say is the best one of the 3. and send it with a leter to ask them to look at the desision again....i did get it then......good luck .xx

  • Thanks LindseyMid, so there may be some hope,I feel I explained everything more clearly on the phone, but you can never tell if you are just being fobbed off! I just wish I'd had the GP call before I phoned back, as I could have told them to speak to him directly. Just wondering how long you waited for your reconsideration letter, as I know the appeal time is only 21 days? X

  • Thanks ginge too, I sent a huge amount of evidence by special delivery, to make a point, but I don't think they were that impressed even though it included rheumatologist report and GP stuff. I think it depends on their mood on the day. I explained that I would rather give birth twice, than experience this pain but her reply was that she wouldn't know about that! Say no more he, he, probably thought I was just another one of those moaners, well being positive today take care xx

  • hi good luck i dreading doing mine i am going to dial on may 21 to fill in my forms but dont hold out much hope for it but my gp actually told me to go for it love to you diddle x

  • Hi diddle, thanks for that, I hope you get a positive result, I think that's a good idea consulting dial and if your GP is backing you too, can't do any more than that, good luck and love to you too x

  • i was refused 10 yrs ago when i first suffered with it, i took them to a tribuneral i was finally awarded dla, dont let them bully you fight the bastars all the way

  • Ive just had mine refused but the advise charity who helped me fill it in are going to help me appeal for what its worth....they havnt read my form properly as I am suffering great dizzyness at the moment and under consultant for it my balance has totally gone hence need hubby with me to actually link onto him when I go out but they say I only need him with me for "comfort" and im not in any danger...having already fallen twice and hurt myself dont know how they can take this attitude...they also have thrown it out on every damn question I answered so need to go through it question by question...would be very interested in how you get on poppy1 ????

  • Oh that's awful lavender heart, I've had exactly the same thing and was put on tablets, I think they were called serco, I must admit they really helped, but you cannot venture out without assistance, as you cannot cross roads etc without moving your head and then everything starts spinning, haven't driven since as too frightening. I do hope you're appeal is successful, you really deserve it and I will let you know any news, good or bad, take care and hope the dizziness goes soon x

  • Thanks iggily2008' I do feel like I'm banging my head against a brick wall but I'm determined to fight for it, does help having all your support though cos when you read that refusal letter you think,here we go again take care x

  • Dont give up Poppy. Like several others on here, I got mine after consideration. It was obvious that they hadn't consulted my rheumatologist, my clinical psychologist or the community psychiatric nurse. They had apparently contacted my GP, although I found this to be untrue when I asked my GP for a copy of the letter she had sent DLA. I think that DLA make it a habit of refusing a claim, just to see how motivated or desperate you are to challenge them.

    I found a really good website that guide you through step by step filling out the forms for not just DLA, but ESA too. I had to subscribe to it, but it's by far the best £12 I've ever spent.


    Best of luck to you Hun and anybody else that has to fight for what we deserve :-)

    Fairy Soft Hugs xXx

  • Thanks so much Whirlydervish, it sounds so similar to my case, the DLA sent me a refusal letter, saying that they based the decision on a GP report dated 2nd March 2012, yet one of their employees rang me on 2nd April explaining that they hadn't received a reply from my GP and to chase him up....? Someone is lying! My GP has been so supportive that I know it wasn't him, they also had 2 consultant letters. You are right they just hope you'll give up, but feel really determined this time, really appreciate the website advice too, as you say it's worth it for £12 take care xx

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