saying hello to every one

saying hello to every one

I very rarely post yet i read the threads daily from the links sent in email ... i have had many moments where i relate to you all .. sometimes I cried with you sometimes I laughed with you ...... I would like to take a chance to say thank you all for posting as i have learnt a lot from you all ... and yes I intend to add from now on :))))))... we are talking of serious issues .. yet our life goes on :)) ..... I am just coming out of the biggest relapse i have ever had which has now caused a skin condition which needs investigating as local GP says he has never seen it before :O scarey lol ....But I am lucky to be fair my GP surgery is very good and listen and encourage me to ex[plain things to them .. I have had the symptoms of fibromyalgia and ME since 2004.(started with a virus) i am told .... yet hadn't been diagnosed properly until 2011. .....and like all of you been through the mill with tests etc ... guess i had to wait until the GP's caught up on this subject ... in this area of the land (Cornwall) .... I have fought the label of depression and won it it has now been taken off the record thank goodness ...... that took fighting the GP's ..consultants... psychologist (who agreed with me not depression ) and health department of work ............... the thing i am saying you don't have to accept labels you are given if you feel they are not correct .. you all know your bodies and selves very well better then most people as you live it daily hourly by the minute ..........ok ummmmmm I have no idea why i am typing all this it is just coming out :/ i will stop for now and say a big HELLO SOFT HUGS AND SENDING LOVE THANK YOU :))))))))))).

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  • Hello and glad to hear from you x

  • Hi Morwenna, just wanted to same welcome and say how nice it is that you have taken the trouble to thank the forum. Ther are so many really nice people here who have such insight and are prepared to share their knowledge and give support to all of us. I'm in Devon, so not that far away....... thinks again, well at least unless you live on the lizard or Penzance, in which case It's a longer way than one thinks.

    Do keep popping in, it's so nice to meet new members :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • hello, love the pic :D

    look forward to hearing more from you,


  • Hi Mary Foggy and Sandra great to meet you all also ... Foggy I live in Liskeard about 10 miles from the Tamer bridge so not that far from you :)))) thanks for the lovely welcome :) talk soon xxxxx

  • Great introduction welcome glad you have the courage to put to paper it seems to becomes easier every time. LOL looking forward to passing the time of day with you


  • Hi what a fab welcome message and you can rant here we don't mind :) your avatar pic is sooooooooooooo cool too LOL

    Its always great to meet new members and looking forward to hearing from you again soon

    xxxzebxxx fluffy cuddles to you

  • Hi all great to know there is a place to rant ,, i am calling it my rent -a -space park here ^_^ usually the pillow ;P ......wet from tears wet from sweat lor ..... ok on pacing at the moment so doing very little but often having a good look at the site love the picture of the day so funny :D love to all <3

  • Hi Morwenna

    Welcome :)

    Apologies for the delay. Better late than never!

    Enjoyed reading your intro to us all. Lovely to meet you, and also love your pic.

    Looking forward to seeing more of you.


    Coz xx

  • some of the best posts are the ones that just 'happen' so it's great to read yours. Soo appreciate your going down a route of thinking and wondering how you got there :D ! Will look out for you again - keep on keeping on!!! xxx

  • Hi Coz 1 and Fangj-pan great to meet you both also lol at the moment going from room to room getting side tracked i keep forgetting what i am doing so a lot of half done jobs and oooooooooo who did that lmao ... finding the kettle in the oven lol .. surely i never ahhah I might have lmao ....I laugh at myself so much sometimes it sounds an hysterical laugh and neighbors pass by with a smile .. doh shes at it again lol :) see I am on root to the toilet but ended up here O.o ...

  • :D:D:D so with you there! wonder how anything gets done/finished! in Cornwall you said? haven't you heard hysterical laughing coming from here...?! (Norfolk/Suffolk border towards Lowestoft way... ie a looooong way!)

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so that was you :D :D wondered what it was thought the meteorites were landing hehehehhehehe <3

  • (still laughing) HAHAHAHAhahahahahahhhhhhh... (wheeeeeze!!) thanks for that :)

  • gosh for not writiing much i seem to have gone manic on here lmao but Frangi- pan you woke me up with your laughing :D love this site sitiing here grinning like mad lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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