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New to Group Saying Hello!!

I think I joined yesterday or was it the day before I can't remember lol I think I jumped the gun a bit answering posts first.

Anyway here is a quick version of me and why I am here, had an RTA in 97 suffered severe whiplash ended up with fibro, slipped discs 2 weeks after accident related not sure, felt very let down and alone by the NHS and Dr's had to have Mctimoney treatment was very expensive but so worth it and also reflexology just can't afford them now. Was finally diagnosed in Salisbury but my golly was I put through my paces the Rheumy made me cry it was worth it as sent a brilliant report back to my G.P he has left and now no longer under the Hospital as my G.P said he can offer what the Hospital can and it is a 50 or so mile trip so guess he is right.

I also have an underactive Thyroid, high BP, IBS, Interstitial cystitis. Tinnitus, Meniers. and severe CFS, suffer from bouts of severe depression and stress other than that life is grand llol.

I have 3 grown up lads one married 3 G/Kids Beth 12, Aaliyah 4 in June and Fleur 3 in August.

I am married to Andrew who is fantastic have 2 dogs (I must be mad!!) Bertie who is almost 10 months and Charlie 5 months.

Oh and I had to give up work several years ago sadly as loved my job was working from home as a picture framer miss the wonderful friendships I had built up and would so love to work again but can't see how with the daily struggles I am sure most of us have.

Well I look forward to meeting and getting to know you all Ruby xx

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Hello and welcome Rubywhiplash, this is a brill site for info, moaning and having a good laugh. lol xxx


Thanks Susan I certainly looks like a great site to me and you have mentioned all the right criteria lol xxx


hi rubywhiplash welcome to the site where you will always be welcome by others, its like having a very large family x:)


Thanks Pammy it already feels like a nice homely group to me with lots of advice etc xxx


hi rubywhiplash ! I am fairly new too. everyone is so supportive here, welcome to our group. xx


Hi, lovely that you have joined the site!! Welcome!! It sure is a great place for ranting, nattering, having a bit of a laugh. advice and swopping ideas and information.

Sorry that you had to give up your job. Hope you have a pain free night xx


Thank you gypsycrafter and Rach lovely to be made to feel so welcome by you all xx


Hello there,

I think we have already spoke, but welcome i love this site, its a bad influence though i get nothing done lol.

kel xxx


hi and welcome you not as mad as me i have 4 dogs lol! my brother suffers from meniers and was off work for over 10 years but has got a bit better and been back at work for a couple of years


Hiya and welcome from me too. :)



Hi and welcome and dont be silly you answer what you like when you like does not matter how long you have been on here if you know or have advice you go for it, anyway welcome to the site and hope it helps you as much as it has helped others you take care anf happy mothers day to you love Diddle x


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