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Hello Every-one

Well Today was my first day out of bed Since last Thursday ,Lasted 3 hours and back in again Finding life a real struggle at the mo ! Had no money from Esa for 3 weeks now , Cant afford to pay for my medication ,thought i would apply for a blue badge as i cant walk very far with my crumpling knee cap but have been refused this too ,Wrists are really painful and fingers are 3 times normal size , Thank god for my little boy its just me and him and honestly dont think i would be here with-out him right now

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sorry to hear that sue ,big hugs to you xxx


Aw Sue, it really does make me so angry that the powers that be indiscriminately stop benefits that people have no choice but to rely on. I wish they could suffer what we do and see if THEN they can tell us we're fit for work .

I'm grateful you have your little boy too as he keeps you going.

Gentle hugs for you.



oh sue,im sorry for you,im same wrists&fingers&knee today,had 3 hour kip to rest but still waiting on esa assessment,its disgusting how they dont understand constant pain.i feel for you&send hug x


Hi Sue, do you get disability living allowance coz I had to show my letter to council and got a blue badge, and free tax Sorry not much help.xx


No I tried to get dla and have been refused :-( no Esa either and my Consultant even wrote a supporting letter things looking bleak at the mo as i am a single mum with a little boy who seems to be doing more and more for me each day


Hi Sue,thats discusting that you got turned down,i know how it feels,how awful for you not being paid any money,i would ask for a crisis payment hun or something at least,god bless your little lad,hugs to you hun and keep smiling.xxxjules


Hi there sue,

I am sorry to hear you are struggling hun, I noticed you hadnt written anything on here.

Kids are brilliant arent they, my 12 year old does quite alot for me and even my 6 and 4 year olds do their own bit.

I got turned down for dla too but i am hoping i might some help with it again tomorrow.

You take it easy hun, and i hope you start picking up real soon.

Sending you a big gentle hug, kel xxx


Kind thoughts and hugs being sent to you xxxx


Hi Sue,

What do you have to do to get help?! It's awful that you are this bad and can't have any help.

Sue xxx


Aw Sue its all hitting you at the same time isn't it. Sounds like you have a brilliant and very caring son he must be a credit to you.

Keep fighting the fight, I know its hard but we don't have a choice. I really hope things get better for you really quickly, Love Angela xx


Thanks every-one for the lovely comments i really appreciate it lots of love xx


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