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Saying hello

Hi I am newly diagnosed with fibromyalgia as well as other illnesses I am really struggling at the moment with pain and I think my symptoms are worse with stress I have filled in my dla to pip form and lost all benifits I have wrote and asked for a mandatory reconsideration but I'm not feelin hopeful the lady who did my medical has told lies saying I can manage things when I can't how the can tell you daily living from 1constation is annoying any advise I would be truly grateful...sorry for moaning,I think I feel better just writing it down x

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Hi sorry to hear you're struggling at the moment. I find stress really makes my pains worse too. I had a few family deaths last year and found everything flared up each time. I'm not based in the UK so not 100% sure how pips work but from listening to others here it sounds like a stressful process. Hang in there and try look after yourself ! Hope it works out for you. Moan away, a problem shared ....


Hi Rossy66

I am so gneuinely sorry to read this and if you do fail at your mandatory reconsideration then you could always go to an appeal and present your case my friend. It may be an idea to seek some professional advice from the CAB? It must be truly awful for you to have this happen and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

I also want to welcome you to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance despite the awful circumstances.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Hi Rossy66 So Sorry Your Going Through This.

Stress does seem to highten pain and discomfort.

The stress caused by the dwp is disgusting and so very unfair. It seems there are more untruthful reports than truthful. Mine included.

We have our own benefits adviser here, Janet there should be a link in the pinned posts.

If that fails there is another very good site who help 1000's with their fight against dwp wrongful decisions:


Good luck and take care

Angie xx


Thank you for your reply I think I will get in touch with Janet for some help if the reconsideration is turned down x

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Thank you all

So much for your replies it's so comforting just knowing I'm not alone I don't think family and friends understand the difficulty we have on a daily basis...I'm

Seeing a rheumatologist the end of Feb so hopefully I will get the medication and help I need for fibro and lupus xx


All the best with the reconsideration. I hope you get it. My 18 year old daughter had to go to a Tribunal and it was horrific. I was not allowed to,speak until the end and they tied her up in knots. She still got 0 points! They just did not believe her and basically accused us of lying. Weirdly the disabled bloke was the worst. He was so nasty!

She has since got much worse so a year later we have reapplied. This time I am her representative so she should not have to go through that again. If you do not get the reconsideration I would recommend reapplying rather than going to tribunal. It was one of the most stressful experiences I have ever experienced. Not good if stress affects your pain.


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