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I have fibro . Now for many years and sometimes I walk dumb like a drunk duck. I am at a stage now that I have one eye that doesn't see half the time and lots of pain behind it and lots of pressure in my head. I was told by an eye specialist that nothing is wrong and never talk about it again. Today I will tell u I believe it is part of my fibro attacking my muscle to my eye. I still have good days and bad days even when my pain wakes me out of a dead sleep or I can't walk from being crippled from pain. But I am alive and blessed to talk with others that know what I am going through. So from the bottom of my heart thank you all for being here with me.

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  • I'm sorry to hear this is how you feel about yourself.I bet if you search your heart you can find alot of goodness there. Take care.Peck🌻

  • Hi,

    I'm sorry you are feeling so I'll at the moment... But can I ask you, have you had the pressure in your eyes checked? Why I ask is because I was getting a terrible pain in my eye and ended up with my pressure getting as high as 60 + resulting in urgent laser surgery and Cataract op, lens replacement! Am now waiting to have Cataract, lens replacement in the other eye now.

    But please, get a second opinion, it's dangerous to have high pressure, I have damage to my eye through having an acute Glaucoma attack, don't let this happen to you...

    Laura :)

  • I must reinforce what Reneedior says above. I don't know if you've had your pressure checked but if you go to an ordinary opticians for an eye test they should check your pressure. If it's found to be high they'll refer you on to an eye doctor (it sounds like the one you say is a "specialist" is a bit of an idiot, to be honest!).

    My optician found high pressure in my eyes - it's been monitored ever since. At one point, I was given eye drops to control the pressure but they say I don't need them now - they just keep monitoring it.

    You are correct that you can get muscle pain behind the eyes too (from fibro, I guess?) so it may be that, but it really is important to get your pressure checked. If you have high pressure in your eyes and it's left untreated it can cause serious problems. I don't want to worry you - just pop into your nearest opticians and arrange an eye test, making sure they check the pressure.

  • Thanks for your advice. The specialist said he checked the pressure n he said it was fine. Just the pain in and behind my eye is just as sharp as these I have in my legs n arms. Dumb doctors around here said I was having a stoke gave me the meds to reverse n stop it and kept me in the hospital for a week. Then after I left said the spot on my brain is just old age spot I didn't have a stroke. Nobody wants to let me go on disability n it's getting harder every day to drive or work.

  • Hi IC11C16,

    I like you have suffered fibro for many years, I have had mild pressure like pain behind my eye, but in addition a sensitive to touch area on my forehead to the side of my face, when at my GP for another issue, i just asked if it could be linked to fibro or other things i have, immediately he gave me a thourgh check over took bloods checking for head/vein arthritis which can cause blindness, so get to your GP have that checked out, i fortunately tested clear, but he has also referred me to a rhumologist for a review. Don't just accept things, you know what you are s suffering & feeling Best of luck & improved health 💜 xx

  • These doctors around here doesn't acknowledge frito they just claim that is is psychological n you need to go see a psychotherapist. I fall every day n have fractured a couple bones marked as being clumsy by the doctors.

  • Ask for 2nd opinion & even go to out of hours ask to be referred to a rheumatologist have the easy breaks looked into if nothing else xx

  • Thanks I will do that.

  • Hi lCllCl6

    Thank you so much for your wonderful and kind post it is genuinely appreciated. I am so sincerely sorry to read that you are experiencing this issue with your eye, and I was told by my optician that Fibro affects eye muscles just like any other! I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank u for ur response I am working on taking care of my self mentally n physically.

  • I have fibro and I often think people will assume I am drunk but I am t total.....the pain also wakes me up.....I take the dogs out as early as 7 a m .....but I am vRying on way back ...but I feel better mentally for walking even though I only go for like 20 minutes .....I get fed up of the pain and tiredness... I would like a better quality of life....but at my age it's not going to happen....

  • Thank u for letting me know I'm not alone in this battle. I do too get very tired of hurting 24/7 some days r so much worse then others.

  • I think you should have your eye checked again . Doesn't sound like Fibro , in my opinion .

  • I have given up on doctors around here they all want to put you on antidepressants or they tell u it is all psychological. I know my pain n stuff is real because I try to be normal but my body does its own things. They do test send me for physical therapy n they all come back that my muscles are getting weaker n therapy is making it worse.

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