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hiya i am a newbie to the site =D

hiya i am a 34 year oold single parent mum that has been sufferin from fibro for many years now.... i was only diagnosed in 2008 but i had had it for many years before that got blamed on viral infection and postnatal depression!! only by chance i seen a locum doctor that reconised the condition that i got refered to the min hosp!!! think it is disgustin that many gp's have a lack of knowledge and understandin on this condition. my gp is not very understandin and at times has even rolled his eyes at me which now puts me off goin to see him.... and when i do go i find that now they are quick to blame everything on fibro!!!! so now i try to avoid seein my own gp and have opted to seein the locum lol... just as well as i have had terrible tummy problems forever and lost a stone n a half in a week.... this doc was very nice and wasnt so quick to pt it down to fibro this time and i have since been told after havin a camera into my stomach that i have erosive gastritis/duodenitis and have erosions in the pylorus region.... what this means i am not sure lol as i only had it done on fri so am waitin now to see doc on tuesday when the locum back in x still with fibro it is suprsin how much i keep learnin about it, it is so complex and hard to explain to people all the different symptoms i get as i actually sound like a hyprocondriac!! sometimes i even wonder weather it is all in my head ( i know it not) but thats how it can make ya feel!!!! still there was a good site i found if you wish to take a read i found it very good on breakin down individual symptoms... some of you may have already come across it but for those who havent pls take a look. x


anyway happy mothers day to ya all and i wish ya all well x x

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Do you know nearly every time i come on here i read another sympton that then leads back to fibro it is amazing how many niggles we all get you take care and you are so welcome on here i hope you enjoy the blogs and hope you find out so much that it helps you love to you diddle x


hi welcome ,hope you love this site as much as i do :)

have a good day xxx


oh and that site looks really good thank you xx


hi linnei nice to meet you a am sorry for you thaat you have a shit doctore i am looky i have one of the good ones . and it is other people and your so called doctor that are making you feel bad , it is hard enuf having to deal with the fibro with out all the other shit from out sidders . you just keep your chin up as best as you can (fibro alowing ) and remember there is always sumeone on this site day and night so if you need to talk hay we are all here so good look for geting results with a bit of look it can be managed with meds so fingers crossed for you . sofft hugs to you xxx :)


Happy Mothers Day,my little ray of sunshine (22,6'2",male)brought me breakfast in bed a card and flowers, which gave my legs time to get themselves in working order to get up.At the moment I don't go to the Dr as he asks me what I want him to do !! OOoo hang on,I'll just go and get 5 years medical training and then I can tell him,honestly,talking to the cat makes more sense.

Thank you for the link to the other website,it looks interesting and any new info is a help.

I used to get gastritis,it's very painful,I found that going De -caf with Tea and coffee helped a bit and cutting down on wheat intake.

Have a good day.

soft hug.


welcome lynnie, this site has helped me a lot-thanks for the link it's very informative and i hope you get the help you need

happy mothers day to you, hope you a nice day :) xx


thank you sooo much to a all its nice to find a site at last...there isnt enough local support groups around for us fibromites... i was thinkin bout startin up a support group in my local town as it is suprisin how common it is!!! x x hope you all had a fantastic day tho,, i been a bit low today and just feel like cryin really.. stupid i know,,, but hey ho thas the joys of fibro,,, sendin ya all lots of love n hugs back x x


oh and people are havin probs with the link so pls try this fibromyalgia-symptoms.org . i tried it and it took me straight there x


go onto the fibro symtoms gives ya good break down etc i found it helpful when i had new pain start x


Hi lynnie,

Pleased to meet you, sorry i am abit behind with posts lol.

Hope you like this site as much as i do, I am addicted most days and i have made some good friends, we all understand one another.

hope we will chat soon kel xxx


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