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Afternoon warrior's my name is Leeann, I suffer from Fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis.

I have 3 kid's one already left home and set up his own wee home and family. My other 2 kid's are 10 and 7...😁

My husband is disabled he has Caudia Equina Syndrome (which means he has no feelings in his saddle area, he's double incontinent with very limited mobility..... πŸ˜”πŸ˜”.. He also suffers with chronic pain...

We find it difficult some day's but we somehow we struggle through each day and look after our babies.

Hope everyone is as well as you can be this Saturday afternoon, I'm in Bonnie Scotland and it's a very windy day here.

Hope my introduction is okay. Xx

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A 1000 welcomes to you in windy Scotland. Did you know you could likely get some help for caring if you do not have it already?

Well done for keeping things stable and clearly you site name says it all mykidsmylife!

As young as they are you can get them to read the young persons Fibro guide obtainable from our sister site

Keep posting remember to lock your posts to community only(FAQ at side of page)

Obviously you are a strong person so seek support from forum and a local support group if convenient.

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Hey thanx for the link for the kid's that's great 😊.... We don't get extra help for caring because of our age here in Scotland. πŸ˜” I just plod along and do my best everyday, all I can do.

Take care xx


Hello and a very warm welcome to this lovely forum.

It sounds like you have your hands with, with looking after your hubby and your kids.

You will find plenty of support and friendship here xx

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Thank you for your kind word's it means alot, as I don't have alot of support around me. Take care xx

Just a wanted to say hi and well done for being so postive a lot of people give up to easy and sounds like you have plenty of reasons to give up but you not so keep up the good work and the world needs more people like your self take care and all the best x

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Thanks Mark8 I've thought of giving up often, but I just keep fighting on, nothing else for it. Hope you are as well as you can be, you are the first man I have chatted to with Fibromyalgia. Take care enjoy your Sunday afternoon 😊😊 from sunny, windy Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁒󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 xx

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Hi mate I am totally the other end of the country from you I am on the Isle of Wight sorry took me a couple days to get back to u had a couple hectic days there not as many blokes as woman that have it and I guess blokes not find it as easy to talk about it I hate it and is horrible but I am lot better than I was so bonus and trying to be postive just hard work wen your all ways in pain I found this site helped and have met a couple people that have helped me a lot it's all about understanding what you can do and what you can't now any way I got a couple other messages to respond to where not been on for few days take care and nice to chat x

Hello there welcome πŸ™‹

We share diagnosis sadly

However I am blessed to have my husband as my carer. I do admire you life is tough enough.

Hope you gain help and support from the lovely lot in here X

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