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Is this Fibro/ME or have I picked up a virus/bug?

I have been feeling awful for over a week now (more awful than usual..........) Really, Really sore throat, horrendous pains in my legs and arms, boiling hot a lot of the time even though the heating is off and I'm wearing a t-shirt, or so cold I have to go to bed and switch the electric blanket on, feel nauseous, dizzy and generally rubbish.

I know probably everyone else on here feels like this but is there a nasy virus going round?

I haven't been to the dr's....................yet.

Thank you all xxx

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Hi there

Soz to hear u feel Sooo unwel, I also feel this way with earache and toothache too, this happened last year at this time my gp thought it was virus but I'm thinkin it's fibro I've had 4 fillings didn't help ear spray throat spray anti bioethics and nothin is helpin. I think it's fibro as this is the way I feelt last winter, I also get very tearful just can't hold it in any longer all the pain makes me break down. I wood still go to ur gp so there aware of it and I really hope urs is a virus as they can give u stuff to relieve it but as for fibro or my winter virus nothin helpin makes me think fibro as we all no nothin really helps as much as we hope. Take care spk to ur gp Michelle



For me it's the worst I have ever been off sick for the last

3 weeks, not fit to go back but will have too

Hurt every where places I did not know I had places

Very tired no energy I am tearful as well I think it's

Because we just don't feel well it makes us tearful.

It's the weather at least that's what I think



Thanks for replying Michelle and Viv. I have a feeling it's the Fibro/ME getting worse and perhaps it is the time of year I'm not sure. But just thinking if it is a virus then anti-biotics don't work for this. But saying that if I still feel as awful as I do now tomorrow I will ring the doctor.

I know what you mean about being tearful, I am too. Partly due to the intense pain that is constant and partly due to feeling so poorly - it's horrible and I hope you both start to feel better soon x x


Hi sorry to hear you are feeling so unwell i suppose it is the time of year where so many viruses are floating around waiting to get us when we're at our lowest etc, it will most definitely bring on a flare up i don't know why this happens but even just a cold can knock us back and send us on our way to bed, plenty of rest and fluids and take your meds especially any pain relief you are hopefully on hope you are feeling better soon Hugs Della xxx


Sounds like the virus I had pretty much, it waits until we are feeling low then pounces...the rest of my family are disgustingly healthy,

Get well soon

VG x


Thank you Della & V Grumpy. I have been to see the doc and he says it's a throat/chest virus but, of course, that in turn is making the ME/Fibro worse so explains why I feel so bl**dy awful :-(

I hope everyone else is getting on better than I am. Not sure how long this is going to last................. x x


I am glad you went to see the GP and I do hope you recover pretty quick xxxxx


Hope you feel better really soon Sarah, take care and keep warm, get some rest too! :)

(((hug))) xxx


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