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please can anyone help me to see if I may finally have an answer if I may have this condition

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hi I need some help to see wether I have this condition I spoke to a friend who has this and said I may have it but I was unsure

I'm going around In circles with my doctors etc..I suffer from a lot of pain from my back and also affects my bowel liver and kidneys I was tested for bowel cancer last year thankfully it came bk negative but there is still something not right

the pain in my back is horrendous and I know I have sciatica but just feels like I am aching all the time..i get no sleep and if I do I awake like I've slept on a board I'm so stiff and have to take me usual pain killers before I get up for work.

I work in pharmacy as a locum so I travel the country and plus I stand all day so when i return home I feel shattered

is there anyone out there who may be suffering the same symptoms

Thank you Louise x

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With fibromyalgia everyone is so different but everything you have described is what I get and more have you had the trigger points test I think that’s what they call it lol my memory is horrendous lol it took absolutely years for them to diagnose me but they have got better as they diagnosed my son within a year 🙁 just keep on at the doctors till they get to the bottle of it good luck xxx

Morning Feyjabops

I think you may realise diagnosis of fibromyalgia is a process of elimination and on top of that not everyone has the same symptoms and underlying conditions.

I used to love working in pharmacy as a dispenser but like you, had constant back pain, IBS and exhaustion. Have you tried the insoles you can get from shoe shops rather than the generic sort for sale in pharmacy and supermarkets? They helped me tremendously, they’re a bit expensive but well worth it for the pain relief alone.

The only way to get your definitive diagnosis is a referral to a rheumatologist , just ask your GP.

Look after yourself x

if you work in a pharmacy buy yourself some nurofen 24 hour pain patches and try them you can sleep in them. get someone to place them in an area of your back worst affected, they easily pleat if not put on properly and a bit pricey to spoil.. hope they work.

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I have had the nerve pain for about 8 months now I have a B12 deficiency now I’m injecting the pain has gotten so much better but it’s still comes and goes, so I’m just wondering how long nerve pain takes to heal

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Everyone seems to have similar symptoms to me. I have just ordered something called mega mag has anyone heard of it? It claims that a lot of the symptoms I have are due to insufficient magnesium

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Am sure it will help as most people are low/deficient. Testing is of little value as the range is very narrow and the body keeps blood levels up by extracting from bone. Which magnesium is it ? There are several and meeting differing needs ... ?

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Sorry I don’t know it’s called mega mag. When I receive it I’ll put ingredients on here

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No worries - I was just trying to be helpful 😊 I have often read on Thyroid UK about the different types of Mag. I believe the one to avoid is Stearate ...

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Just looked it up ! - no mention of which mag but looks good 😊

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Nerve pain can take time to heal - depending on how long the damage has been present. Maybe more regular injections would help. I think you are in the US - Guidelines in the UK state that injections should be every other day until no further improvement ...

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I am in West Sussex but not mentioned fibtomyalgia to the doctors yet as got heart problems right now and a lot going on in that department so unf nerve pain issues on the back burner although I saw a physio last week and he told me to remove my wedding rings as they were far too tight and he was right as it has made quite a difference

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Hi, I wanted an answer so I booked an appointment with a consultant privately.

He said I had been suffering from fibromyalgia for years and no gp had ever suggested this. It explained nearly all my symptoms which were a worry.

It cost me about £200 but it was worth it to me. I am now on a journey to deal with this condition. My GP acknowledged the consultants diagnosis and offered me anti depressants which I decided to avoid until I researched for myself. So far I have discovered more natural medications which are helping

I don't want to take painkillers as such because I have enough tummy problems and they will probably constipate me.

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