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Sleeping problem


I don't know if it's just me but, I can't sleep on my left side, my hop feels like it's moving out of its socket, so painful. I sleep on my right side but my shoulder wakes me with pain so I try to sleep on my back, but the headache is torture. I only get it while sleeping on my back. It's like my head is cemented to the pillow. I can't move a muscle. The pain when trying to move leaves me a wreck. Crying like a baby. Anyone else have this? I am on Morphine, aspirin, quinine, severadol, nortriptilyne, arcoxia, statin, mertazapine, senna, and certrizine.

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Wow nanatre, that sounds awful and I am sorry for your pain.

Have you considered having your doctor(s) review your meds. You are on a lot of them and I wonder if they are interacting adversely. I remember when my sister was a psych nurse. Sometimes they had to hospitalize a patient and pretty much take off all or most of their meds and start over again. I'm not suggesting this is the answer for you. I have no real idea as I am not a doctor.

I have trouble sleeping on my left side but for different reasons. I can feel and hear(?!) my heartbeat and it is impossible to get any rest that way.

I hope you will find a solution to this debilitating condition soon. (((0))) to you.

Hi nanatre

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. You are on some very potent medications so it really would be wise to discuss this with either your GP or your Specialist?

It does sound absolutely dreadful and I do understand as I have a similar problem but mine is due to disc and nerve damage. I sincerely hope that you find the answers that you desire and deserve.

All my hopes and dreams for you


I am the same as you I find sleeping on my left side very uncomfortable. I have arthritis in both hips but the left one is the worse and I am really uncomfortable on my left side. I actually put a pillow behind me to try and stop myself turning over in the night onto my lfet side. If I lie on my back I can seem to feel a heartbeat in my spine, my doctor says it is due to a trapped nerve so it is my right side I have to end up on. My pain seems nothing as bad as yours so I would have a word with your doctor and see whether your medication could perhaps be changted to help you get some more rest. My thoughts are with youx

Thank you both so much. I really am blessed in many ways and really don't like to complain. X

I haven't been able to sleep on my right side for as long as I remember otherwise I get horrendous earache. I have had surgery on both shoulders so either one is painful at night if I don't get my arm in the right position. I have to position my left knee carefully too. I can just about sleep on my back as I have a supportive neck pillow. But some nights I feel I just can't win.

I can only sleep on my right side because of my back and hip but now my right shoulder hurts too. I have a memory foam mattress and pillow but find they are no longer helping much besides being so heat reflective in this muggy weather.

I have a pillow between my knees to help my hips, and stop my knees touching each other, and now need to wrap my arms round another. In cool weather this is helpful, but far far too hot for these recent weeks.

I don't know what to do for the best, really, decent sleep is something I vaguely remember getting!

I have no answers for you, that haven't been offered before, but you aren't alone, not by a long chalk!


o sorry to read you are having such problems with sleeping. Tell me do you ever fall asleep in the chair and when you wake do you have the same problem ? just an idea it sounds like when you lie down your neck and head are very tightly placed - try sitting half up I only sleep like this now. Make a cosey shape like an A with pillows good soft yet firm pillows. Now try relax into the pillows.

please go and have your medicines revued by your doctor tell him all your problems or if it is easier write it down before you go!

Good Luck


Hi nanatre

I'm sorry to hear you are having so many problems with your sleep. I would definitely advise you to see doc about this, as I am sure they will be able to offer some sort of help.

I can only sleep on my right side too, due to crps in my left ankle. If I sleep on my back, I get bad lower back pain. So, I do understand how hard it can be. I take sleeping pills, which make me go to sleep & not move. Obviously, this isn't the answer as they are addictive and I've been hooked for years now & wouldn't recommend that to anyone.

I hope you get a good nights sleep very soon hunny.

Take Care

Jayne x

Hi there. Sorry to hear you are having problems sleeping. I can so relate to this. Due to pain in my neck and right hip I can only sleep on my left side. I find a v neck pillow really helps. In regards to your medication maybe it would be a good idea to get it reviewed by your local pain clinic. Your GP can refer you to them. Good luck. X

Have you tried non-medical intervention for pain? I had horrible shoulder pain and my therapist found I had a lot of huge knots in my infraspinus - that is the back muscle below and behind your armpit - and the pectoral muscle in the chest, just in front of my boobs. They were so tight that they pulled my shoulder forward and that meant that the socket and the ball were not in the right place, causing extreme pain. I am working on those spots now also someone at the gym is helping me to do the right exercises and stretches, and the exercises are not at all difficult, and not at all taxing - you could do them with very little effort. The gym instructor and I are using a book called the Treat Your Own Rotator Cuff to work out my exercises and it is very useful. I got a second hand copy on line for about £5. The shoulder is still a problem but it is definitely moving in the right direction. I also have found a way of stacking my pillows so that there is a gap between my pillows where I put my shoulder and so it does not take so much weight.

I also use meditation, hot and cold packs, I have found cold packs useful for my shoulders when it is really bad whereas I use warm packs everywhere else, I have a mirror foam mattress which helps to mould to the shape of your back and shoulders that makes me more able to find a comfy place in the bed at night. I do daily stretches and yoga. It does really help and because I have horrible side effects to almost all medication I am virtually able to manage without any medication now, I never thought that could be possible.

Good luck and soft hugs x

So sorry sweetheart. I was the exact same way. I take Opana ER 10mg. Hope this helps. xxx Mitzi

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