Hi all,

Ok, so I now have another symptom question, is anyone else losing hair? I am female in my early 50's and currently have a bob haircut, but have lost my fringe??? I hate not covering my large forehead and my hair looks horrific since the front started falling out, I look like an emojo ??? Has anyone else suffered this and if so, did anything help to grow it back?? I'm desperate as I am trying to remain positive, but I look like I have a comb-over like Rab C Nesbitt! Attractive.......not!

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  • Alopecia, me too. Dont panic (see photo) most people re-grow. I lost mine when I was 12 (now 53). It may be worth going to see gp. blood test for Hypothyroid (a common problem amongst FM sufferers on here) and talk to gp about it all. Have you had a lot of stress recently? trauma of some kind. Everything you can think of, might be worth writing a list. Wish you well. :) Tulip xx

  • Thanks Tulip, will mention Hypothyroid at next gp visit!

  • Yes I started losing a at 17 ,I am given folic acid to try an help with cell production from rhummie he suggested it ,my eldest daughter has suggested I have something done called a hair weave ,to give me a fringe and to stop me seeing my scalp when I look in the mirror ,if I get my pip ,that is something I am going to look into ,good luck I am 53 by the way .

    Chris x

  • Thanks Chris, I might research a weave, if this gets much worse tho I think I may need a wig! yuk

  • Hi Fay

    I have hair loss and it has been shedding for at least 9 months. I had beautiful long hair and it is now thin , dry and brittle. I saw a dermatologist who just said it was Telogen Effuvium and it caused by stress !!!! Well I could have told her that as I had researched on Internet. I had thyroid checked last October and it was ok. She said it would stop but I can't see that happening until I am bald . I am 53 so not sure if menopause playing a part . Hope you can get some answers soon .


    Julie x

  • Thanks Julie, good to know I'm not on my own and it is connected with the Fibro and not something new! I will start my search for cures now and mention to GP on next visit. Thanks again, Fay

  • Yes, hormones play a big part with hair loss with women.  Maybe you should try on some type of a hormone replacement.  I noticed a difference when I started taking replacement.   My doctor told me if women don't get the estrogen they need it sets us up for other illnesses and issues. It all makes sense to me.  Love, Debber

  • I have to say that I used to have a really thick head of hair and noticed when I got to 50 ish that it certainly wasn;t as thick as it had been and when I washed or brushed it alot more hairs were falling out. I also think with all the meds and the illness the hair gets dryer and more brittle and breaks off making it look much thinner. I look at recent photos and then back to how it was and that makes me realise that my hair is barely half as thick as it was.I have noticed the most hair thinning around the front of my parting and fringe. There can be something similar to the male pattern baldness in females where the front of the hair suffers the worse,.I also noticed a difference when I had to come off hormone replacement therapy.

    If you could see a trichologist or specialist they may be able to pinpoint what is causing the hair loss in your place. I know it can all be very distressing as it is enough dealing with fibro and all that is asssociated with it without this distressing condition.

    Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.x

  • Many thanks Rosewine, its so great having all this support from everyone!

  • too. I am slightly hypothyroid. Think that is why my hair has fallen out. This picture is not what I look like anymore. My head was itching so much, and pink I was going nuts. Thought cutting it off would make it better....not really...I am going to hairdresser tomorrow to come up with plan. Not only did I go grey/white young, now I have very thin hair along the hairline and in the middle of my head. (I am 52). Tried ginger shampoo which helped but expensive. I am now doing ayuverdic care with sesame oil over my entire scalp once a day. 10 mins, wash out. My scalp is less pink and less itchy!!!, yeah! My hair however, is not growing back, and growing real slow if at all. Ugh! I feel your pain. May keep it real short if I can find the right cut. Good luck! Trying to feel pretty again with a nice dress and maybe a real nice lipstick. Sorry...

  • Thanks Natura, don't you find that its the little things, or the visible things that upset you the most?? The big things I cope with, but when my hair started falling out & I lost my fringe I was inconsolable! I am a drama queen tho! Funnily enough someone else recommended ginger shampoo so am just trying that. Many thanks again for your tips.


  • I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I would discuss this with your GP ? Medical Specialist just to get other conditions ruled out of the equation. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Many thanks Ken

  • Buy yourself a nice wig. They have allot of Bob styles to choose from.

  • Like my new haircut. Short, but looks like a haircut at least. Found a really understanding hairdresser. So happy with this guy.. Very kind and a good hairdresser. Told me to wash hair with warm water and then cold water for a bit. My scalp feels good. Looking into another hair product with sesame oil that is anti inflammatory. Will let you know how it works. Take care!

  • I've just seen this but wanted to jump in- I have alopecia that pre-dates my fibro diagnosis, and wearing a wig really isn't that bad. I have about five or six, all different styles and colours and they all look fab. Wigs today aren't what they used to be, and I've been told by hairdressers that even people with perfectly good hair wear them to change their look- my friend has a lovely head of hair but often wears one.

    Good luck :)

  • Thanks this made me feel a bit better/hopeful!

  • My scalp is itching a LOT less. Not sure what I am doing right. Washing with lavender shampoo and tea tree oil conditioner. Also taking magnesium everyday and holy basil to reduce my cortisol production. Not sure there is a connection, but my scalp is really much better. And I take biotin for hair growth and nail strength and that is really noticeably getting my hair to grow. Hairdresser recommended. He also said getting your hair trimmed stimulates hair growth. I didnt think my hair would ever grow again. 😊

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