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Morning All Saturday is here again ~ I hope every one is feeling reasonably up beat and has their pain under control. Life is now there

is no going back we have to accept Mr Fibro and learn to live with him even when he is being crabby to us.

So saying yesterday for me was ghastly as I found my right leg had increasing numbness and was very painful to move. The left leg was different - it was intermittent so here I am a cross between long john silver and bruce fForceith what am I talking about well half of me is ready for the soft shoe shuffle as I achieved finding slippers that would go over my whopping bandages~ with a little judicious snipping~ the other half me of me is unstable and without the surfing of furniture would leave me on my back for the wrong reasons.

I spent the day chair hugging and feeling sorry for myself ~ I do feel cross with myself today~ the knotty problem of pain killers well pretty much they keep the pain down Ii DREAD TO THINK OF THE SCENARIO IF i WASNT TAKING THEM so yes pretty horrid.

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At this point I was going to pop a pic in but alas when I go to photos my eyes shut and I start dropping off so that is no good. I must need sleep The answer is to stop and sleep and come back later yes thats what I will do xgins

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Hi Gins, so sorry you are feeling tired and unwell. I do hope you feel a little better later on. Try and get some rest if you can. Sometimes it is better just to give in to the fatigue and go with the flow. Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

Tannels x


Hi Gins, hope you've had a rest and have a better time of it for the rest of the weekend xx


Hi gins sooooo sorry you such a bad day yesterday, hope u feel a little better when u wake up, sending huge hugs your way ....Dee x


Thanks guys glad to say cheerier today grandson giving me a lesson in geography at mo and it is just 7.00. :)

I hope you all have a good day gentle hugs xgins


Hi hope you feel better soon, I was an idiot yesterday I decided to toddle around the railway museum yesterday on a day out with the family ie my oh daughter her fiancè and grandson I am. now suffering for my stupidityam laid up in bed in agony thatl teach me to use my scooter next time won't it I'm now going to wallow in my self inflicted misery hope your feeling better soon .



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