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Morning All ,

I hope you are all feeling safe - happy= ti raining here I can hear

the rhythmical sound on the roof of the conservatory. Then it pauses only to continue with vigour.

I think how lucky we are not to be in the path of a hurricane like the philppenes . May God be with them all-

Today I go for new Farrow wraps to be measured I am to tell the truth quite excited!

I am very aware of how things smell probably because I cannot smell so I try even harder to make things quite impossible when you have used wraps for 6 months and you are not allowed to wash them=== phoo wraps

Oh says they dont pong hurrah hurrah !

Anyway new today.

What are you all up to?


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Morning Gins, Visit to neurologist this morn. Didn`t know I was booked to see one or wether it was doc or ruhmy that requested appointment. Oh well it gets me out of the house, Time I stopped feeling sorry for myself and came out of hibernation.


Hi Gins

I agree with you, we are so very fortunate to live in this country. My thoughts and prayers are with the people in the Philipines, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, so many more.

What am I up to. I was planning a quiet day as a bit tired and sore, as we all are, however... Having kicked children out of the house to school I am having a coffee before I have to fix the shower, think a pipe has come away somewhere (thankfully in the shower unit and not outside it), and to go to a DIY place to get a piece, don't know what kind though, for the back door handles which came away in my sons hand yesterday(!), iron

Then I have to tidy my daughters bedroom as she has a friend coming round. Hopefully I will find her carpet again! (I dread to think what else.)

Good luck with the wraps.

Is x


Hun dont do too much please just take all those jobs steadily and fingers crossed you will be okay xxgins


I'll be ok, thank you but I need to get these things done. Think I'll have to get a man who does, looking at the shower I think bits need replacing and I haven't a clue, had hoped a pipe needed tightening. Sad face, don't know how to get them on this. Probably the same as the door but will have a go. Need to get my bum into gear.


Getting server errors onsite today, must be my magic touch!


Good Morning to you Gins..We have been getting rain like crazy this past month. We had sunshine yesterday..almost the entire day in the Wisconsin, USA. I went outside to sit

with the dogs in the sun..it felt so good on my bones, my scalp..I had my back to the sun

but I enjoyed every minute of the hour or so that I sat outside..It was cold out but not

out of the wind where I sat... I'm up early starting to make some chicken dumpling soup.

I have some family that has been under the weather..chicken soup always helps. =))

I enjoy cooking- especially making soups and casseroles.


Hello Yikes, you're up early!

Can we have your chicken dumpling soup recipe please? It sounds yummy.

Hope you're having a good day.

Is x


Morning Yikes lovely to make soup I missed the L out and started to laugh how naughty of me sorry I love dum plings :) xxgins


Morning gins, I agree, my thoughts are with all those effected by the hurricane in the Phillipines, I have just heard that GB are sending 6 million pounds to help and probably more......rightly so !

I'm not up to much, back and neck still getting me down, so I imagine I might huncker down and do some felting . At the moment I'm still in the beddery but it appears the rain has ceased, and the view is beautiful I can see some really stunning autumn colour on the trees in the distance with a mist hanging in the fir trees behind the colour , really beautiful !! :-) :-)

Foggy x


Mine is playing havoc with me today still once I have seen the nurse I can relax



Whoops, sorry, meant to wish you well with the change of your wraps. Are you able to wash your legs before the new ones go on? I do hope so, so you can feel more comfy :-) :-)

Foggy x


Hi it was a bit of a laugh she insisted on doing the wraps up for me ad less her she had never done farrows before so we gave it three attempts When I got home I had a trerriblr itchy sensation so I had to strip it off and atart again. The new ones are going to be size small which is hilarious as I am a very large lady..


Hi everyone! Sorry for late reply,not getting notifications come through :( I've not done anything yet apart from sit here to read up on all the posts I've missed.Feeling down and have no motivation,not even to clean teeth ATM :(


Afternoon everyone. Total lack of motivation here.

Hope everyone has a good day though.




Now then you two come on gather yourselves together make yourselves a cuppa Now look at your selves in a mirror and what do you see are you in need of a facial yes well stop what you are doing GO AND CLEAN YOU FACE see to your eye brows noe smile at yourself in that mirror better Yes Good now sit down aafter youve made me a cuppa I am exhausted :)

Now the motivation

You could do with a mantra that stirrs you up inside and the motivations will come :)

Okay my lovelies smile at each other say what a ****** I am feel better a little hopefully you are laughing now!



Afternoon gins :) how are you doing?

I'm quite happy being lazy today and the motivation will happen when it does............

............. sometimes just gotta do it :p

My chores will still get done eventually so am just not worrying about it/them I've upped my slow-release tramadol to 2 and its helped a lot as now I can feel exactly where the sore spots are each of them the size of fifty pence pieces, all 14 of them to be precise............. I know it doesn't sound like improvement but trust me it is :D YAY!! :D

just in case you haven't collected them from todays pic of the day here's some waterproof healing and warming fluffies

:) xxxzebxxx :) yes I'm still engrossed in my werewolfy game :D


Hi Hun pjama days are vitaly important and should be prescribed regularly. Now you can buy onesees I havent a clue how you spell it but they look wonderful for just hanging about in. My daughter and her little son have about two a week she suffers from CFS and life is difficult bless her rather like ours :)

Enjoy your game xxgins

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Hi gins ho are you, the onesie looks nice an cosy, but I'm not sure I'd getto the loo intime as you have to practically undress to go lol, gentle hugs...Dee x : j


Oh cookie I had forgotten the intimate speediest moments we would never get there in time LOL xxgins


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