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When will this end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! never me think?

Hi everyone i am having a really bad few weeks cant seem to shake it off, no matter what i do stay at home or pop out still PAIN PAIN PAIN, i cant sleep got pillows covers duvets soft squashy things all over the bed, under my back, legs bottom but still no comfort, i am now going to pop to town i really want to walk its only 15 mins but i know i cant do that and stroll round for half hour and walk back, its such a lovely day too so i will have to drive which again does not help the pain and my legs are like jelly. So when i get back i will have to sit and recover then try and walk my little dog thats only a 5 min wander round the block i will prob see a couple neighbours on the way who will say hi and how are you(they dont know i have fibro) i keep it to myself only family and close friends know. I will put my mask on and say yes thanks when really i want to scream at them NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! but bless them they dont want to hear that. oh well people will prob report back when i have dragged myself back from town. hope you all have a good day love and soft hugs Diddle xxx

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Hi Diddle, I'm so sorry you feel so much pain for so long. I have pain constantly every single day but it's not as bad as most on here I think. I fear it will be though as time goes on but who knows, maybe not. Positive thinking :)

Can I ask you, why don't you want to tell your neighbours? Don't put a mask on and try to hide how you are really feeling, they will be sympathetic and probably not have a clue what fibro is but it's so hard not to show you're in pain. I used to put a mask on for a different reason so I know what you mean.

Hope the walk doesn't knock you up for the rest of the day.

Gentle hugs back xx


bless you thats true really i should tell my neighbours, i dont know why i dont it jus easier to say yeah fine thanks. just back and dont know how i got back to the car lol but did . now having co codamol and coffeee hopefully then my little dog will get his trip round the block . take care and thanks love and soft hugs diddle xx


I think we've said I'm fine thanks so many times in our lives we say it automatically. I say it and thensometimes I say "well, no I'm not actually but I won't bored you with it, let's just say I've got aches and pains". Like when we go and see the doctor and he says how are you and we say fine thanks! Course we're not, that's why we're there :)

Take care,

Love Sue xx


LOL Sue why do they ask that stupid question you wouln`t be there if you were well.I`ve been known to say at deaths door thanks and hows you diddling today.Usually gets a laugh.where do you all get the yellow smiley faces from I can`t find them. hugs Jayne xx


I know Butterfly!!! My doctor did laugh and say why are you here then when I said I was fine.

To get a smiley face, hold you caps key down and press the colon and then the ) one. It's like the blind leading the blind isn't it LOL.



`1 EH


Hello Diddle

Awwww you have all my sympathy as I know how you feel I have had constant pain in my left arm,hand and shoulders now for days but feels like is a relentless pain that somehow wont go away..but when my family come around to visit me I find I have to put a brave face on that saying in WW2 Keep Calm and Carry on I put my on smiley face even though I dont feel like it....well done you it is so easy to give in I know...done that in the past and it really doesnt help to be honest! Sending you gentle hugs hope you get some relief atsome point sweetheart.. :)


I was on life support 5 years ago, complete with ventilator etc when my colon perforated due to diverticular disease (didnt know I had it). One thing I remember very vividly was my mum on her one visit saying 'if anyone asks how you are, just smile and say I'm fine thanks, because no one wants to know and no one cares'. I couldnt respond at the time, but it stayed with me. Now I dont tell anyone. Even when I am on the floor screaming with the pain, still I say I'm fine. I am admitted to hospital for a week every couple of months with a diverticular flare (that disease caused the ME/CFS, which caused the angina, which caused the Fibro - domino effect) and I even tell the paramedics I'm fine when I am on the floor screaming in pain. How we are conditioned not to be a bother to anyone is horrible. Please know that everyone on here WILL LISTEN, WILL UNDERSTAND and know that when you say 'I'm fine' we can all give you that hug you need. Love and blessings

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Bless your heart thankyou so much i feel bad noe reading your story yes i will come on here and rant and glad you ok at the minuite, thankyou again for that message and much needed hug today love back to you diddle xxx


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