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I have had Fibromyalgia for 19 years and have many of the symptoms

. I also have a degenerative disease in my spine. So you can imagine what sort of pain I am in. I can only stand for a few minutes at a time as the back of my neck, my shoulder blades, back and my coccyx really hurt. I do have a wheelchair and when I sit in it my pain is reduced by more than half. My question is should I go in my wheelchair full time or carry on like I am Do you think I would be giving up if I was to go in my wheelchair all the time.

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Not at all I think you should do whatever you can to improve your quality of life to the best it can be for you, and if that's using a wheelchair more then go for it. You can always get out of it in the house if you feel up to it for little bursts of time if you are worried about lack of exercise but I certainly wouldn't do anything myself that made my pain worse if I knew I had a way of alleviating it. look after yourself in the best way for you


VG x


I too have had this since 2002 and find alot my wheelchair brings me great relief and on a somewhat good day use my crutches but never to far as cant bear the very grumpy said do what makes you feel comfortable no one will feel your giving up fibro hugs for you and very-grumpy you don't seem grumpy all the comments I've seen of yours are encouraging and nice lol fibro hugs for you too x


Thank you very much :)

Hugs VG x


Thank you for your comments I really appreciate it. I have not been on this site very long and it's so nice to be with others who understand what you are going through.

Fibro hugs to both of you. x


When you have multiple conditions, there are never simple answers. If it would help your quality of life, then it could be a good step to take.

It may be worth talking to a physio and your orthopaedic doctor about whether using a wheelchair full-time could lead to more problems - and how these might be avoided - or whether it could help.

Have you read anything about the link between Cervical Cord Compression and Fibro?


Use the wheelchair as a tool. Use it whenever you need it to acheive what you are attempting at that time (i.e. hanging out with friends, going shopping etc.) and always remember you are never bound by your decision: hop in and out as you feel you need.

Are you currently having the pain being treated?

If without pain you would be using the wheelchair less (i.e. your physical stateallows you to stand longer than you can bear the pain) I would definetly be exploring all options of trying to reduce the pain to increase function.

I find that using tools (i.e. aids such as wheelchairs or walking frames) are often best when living life (i.e. shopping, socialising, etc.) and leave the walking unaided to gym or physio sessions. This way your condition hopefully interferes with your living less, while still allowing you to maintain muscle tone and ability through the gym and physio.

Best of luck.



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