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Third poem by Ozzygirl64 previously posted

Double '0' Fibro

He is my bosom buddy

He never lets me down

He even keeps me company

As I wobble into town

I never buy anything

From the highest shelf

He says that I don't need

He wants me for himself

He walks right there beside me

Each and every single day

He always lets me know

He's there in every way

He loves crowded buses

Means I have to stand

I'd rather have a seat

As that is what I planned

He has such fun at dinner

He likes to hold the fork

As I try to catch the peas

They head off for a walk

So who is this guy

full of his nostalgia

I think you know now

Of course it's Myalgia, Fibro Myalgia

Ozzygirl64 12/11/12

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