Have you a name for "your Fibro"?

I have seen that a few people refer to their Fibro with a name, so I thought that this might be fun....................... I have refered to my Fibro as "Gollum" out of Lord of the Rings as I see it as having jumped on me out of nowwhere and even though I have tried so hard to shake him off he hols on for dear life with his grotesque arms and legs....................

Lets see who else calls their Fibro by name and why.....


Sue x x x

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  • Haven't given it a name yet but now I really HAVE TO! This could definatley be fun! I'll have to write it down as soon as I think of one though, as I'm bound to forget! :-)

    Hmmmmm this is actually harder than i first thought because the names that are coming up in my head are all expletive so far. Will have to think on this one a little longer.

  • Yes yes yes it will be fun a distraction from this b******y weather, lol!!

    HUgs x x x

  • Lol Ditto ***********

  • Yes I can think of a few that I could not print,

  • C'mon where is your sense of preservation???

    Hugs x x

  • same here i could not print what i call it x

  • Rosehip...... whisper it then..... sorry I didn't hear you!

    Hugs x x x

  • I am the same as vivien and rosehip could not print what I call it. x

  • Awww Beth why is it that I appear to be the only one playing this game??????

    Hugs x x x

  • hi i think FOGGIE,last of the summer wine..everything he did was painfull to clegg and compo..a bit like us we cannot see past the fog or getting out of it..i think this is a great idea

    bob xx

  • Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou thats a great name, love it!!!

    So from 5 we have 2 names,

    Gollum and Foggie!!!!!!

    Hugs x x x

  • Yes, but unfortunately it would have the mods overusing the asterisks!!

  • Oh.... drat this is not what I was hoping for..................

    Hugs x x x x

  • arrrrrrrgggggg!!!!!!!

    bob xx

  • i would say PITA

    pian is the a** hahaha

  • i have lots of names ( tyrant 'sneaky,nasty.prolonged. torcherious evil) you moved in over 20years ago enough is enough just go!!

  • Absolutlry demelza!!

  • Unrepeatable!!!!

  • Ooops x x x

  • I would not give my fms a name that gives it power over me and makes it harder to live with .. i name things i like like my cat or dog not this mind if i am having a bad day the air is blue and i do love the idea of some of the names ... this is just an opinion not to upset anyone xx

    gentle dyslexic hugs

  • Hi Lexie, trying for something lighthearted x x

  • You may be right Lexie, but I just say my fibro is playing me up, or I'm suffering (daily) such and such, i.e. "My throat is so dry and sore, I've no appetite, because of my fibro", or whatever, but I think if there was a better name I could use, which your family understood you were talking about your fibro, it woud be interesting. Maybe if we had a plackboard, with the giant words FIBRO, and just pointed to it after saying what ailment now is hurting the most, sometimes my family look at me when they see I'm in pain or finding it hard to even walk and I know they know its fibro, but I always still feel I have to say something about fibro, usually, "This da**** fibro is giving me hell as usual", but I get fed up using the same word.....

  • Bless you Clairebm x x x

  • Hi SoulSusie - Same as Clairebm, most of my friends or family know what is causing the pain and fog, but I still feel I have to remind them for some mad reason or other. So I now refer to it to them as "this Blasted Thing", which I suppose is a name they can relate to, as everyone has their own "Blasted Thing" that gets in the way.....so I suppose, yes I do have a name for it :-) I've enjoyed reading this thread - keep them rolling in !!

  • THANKS Glenys, I love to have a chuckle, I my be feeling grotty, but laughter is so refreshing!!

    Hugs x x x

  • Hi I thin Gollum is a great name for Fibro I usually call it Fibro or ******* Fibro must think of another name for it.

    xgins potters of chuckling

  • I suppose that we all feel so strongly it can only be named by an atrocity like Hitler and his death camps Belson or Auschwich seem appropriate to me because it is like being trapped in a living hell between the life we had and the hell we have to endure before it ravages us to either take our own lives or just die socially as the government's around us keep us in a gas chamber filled with endless forms to fill out just to pre occupy us until we axphixiate from red tape ! #livinghell

  • Mine is Gollum x

  • Hi soulsusie

    I hope that you are as well as can be? I am with gins as I usually call mine ******* Fibro in my .... Ribs, ... Arms, ..... Legs etc.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Phileous Fogg seems appropriate as it moves from place to place and then there's the fog :o

    ..............but it also gets called things I can't write on here :D

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • I sort of have knicknames to indicate to kids and ex partner and family what mood the fibro is in. Today was hangover day, sluggish, bad sllep and tired with groggy feeling.

    Double decker day means i feel like i been run over by a bus.

    And The B**ch means all of the above.





  • OWYA!

    Exclamation mark is compulsory as that's what I usually say when it strikes. Mine's usually fast. I can rarely predict a flare. Bit like calling a dog GEROFF :P :P

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