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Fancy a go at rhyme time? all welcome.

I thought it'd be good if we could have a go at creating a never ending poem.

please add 2 - 6 lines , lets be silly...

I'm sat here watching the rain,

this fibro can be such a pain.

Want to be out on my scooter,

not here on my 'pooter,

Let's go & have fun,

come on everyone! :D

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I wonder what has happened to my back and knees

and where the dickens did I put the cheese.?

This little rhyme I will not hog

'cos I seem to have fibrofog.


I have the Fibro fog too

And know not what to do

Am I up or am I down

Which often makes me frown

People often ask me why?

I just answer with a saddened sigh


I'm glad to see you joining in :)

my face is beaming with a grin :D


A grin you say, that's nice to hear,

Much better than a trickling tear.

It's good to laugh and let it out,

HO HO HO HO, I hear you shout :)


oh no! santa's on the scene.

or did I miss him? has he been? :D


Santa is awaiting

checking on all who laugh

so he can have a bath

the bath is cold from icy land

reminds of chilly fibro time ...................


Dear Santa my friend,

The pain Is shocking,

I'd like two new legs,

In my Christmas Stocking..........


And as, I'm sure, you all agree

A brand new body just for me

Maybe an upgrade...something nice

And lots of cakes with sugar and spice


A Bran new Body

Now there is a thought

Really mustn't pick anything shoddy

Ooh that one will do his name is Roddy!


Do you have iPad gins if so how do you get the lines to stay under each other like yours, I did mine like that but as you can see it all goes in one line ....hugs ...Dee xx


oh here we go again

Just got up and full of pain

a cure will be found wait and see

and then we can walk around painfree


Pain free I hear you say. My oh my I'm looking forward to that day. But when oh when will it come Could you please tell me .....Hun

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Alas! I cannot rhyme

I never bother to take the time

All the words swirl round my head

So I'd rather be back in my bed!


Oh Zosie dear Zosie,

I fear you just wanna be cosie

And Although you are in bed

You can still put words down that are in you head

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Today I'm feeling rather silly

Maybe because it is so chilly


Oh Lucy Hobbit shut that door,

Pick the kettle up from the floor

Make a lovely cup of Tea

I'll be round just wait and see!

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Please dear Santa don't come yet

I have too many gifts to get,

and with the pain that's in my head

I'd rather just go back to bed!


New members join everyday we welcome all of you,

Members speak to them so kindly giving words of comfort too,

It is friendship, understanding and information that they need,

Look at FibroAction website here is plenty more to read.

Members say this is a nice place to be,to make a friend or two,

Everyone pulls together when someones feeling blue,

Newcomers feel all settled, joining in all the fun,

And are soon to welcome new members along with everyone.

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lovely rhymers you will see,

poems I have read with glee.

great to read, fun to do,

enjoying rhyme times with you ;)

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i`ve spent a long time

trying to think of a rhyme,

the only thing that i can say

these poems have made my day! xxx

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I remember a little bear

He used to often stand and stare

He wore yellow checked trousers

A bright red shirt you will all remember

Rupert Bear

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I know of another bear,

his name was pooh.

he had a jumper,

it was red too.

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Hiya peeps, it's nice to know,

That anyone can have a go,


This is fun, I hope you'll agree

Reading these fill me with glee.


pain,pain go away

please dont bother to come another day !


Another day full of pain and heartache,a trip to the London eye I think we should all make! So bring your tea,your humour you bunch,come on everyone we are a glorious bunch :)

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the london eye moves so slow,

I'm sure everyone will have a go :)

look at the magnificent view

the historic Tower and river cruise too :)

we're sure to have a great day,

save my place! I'm on my way :)

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on your way,ihear you say! wait for me im coming too,id love to see the lovely view :) then maybe we could go off to the zoo!:)

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winter's coming,

and I swear,

that woman in a fur coat,

was really a polar bear!


winter's here we all agree,

stay inside and drink hot tea,

put our feet up, watch TV,

just the job, do you agree?

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a cup of tea, hot choc or coffee,

apple pie or banoffee?

jam roly poly? "that cuts the mustard"

served with lashings of hot custard :P


Or Leg of lamb on a bed of spinach

Before I head off to the pain clinic

Hoping they can stop my pain

So I can sing and dance again


sing & dance in all this rain! O how i wish i could do that again,when i go down the merry lane to go & make a daisy chain

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a daisy chain,

a sunflower hat,

a tulip skirt,

kids! stop dressing the cat!

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put a hat on the cat,give him a bat so he can catch a big fat rat! then feed the cat & sit him on a mat :)

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