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Finnished with physio.... already???

Had my second app with physiotherapy yesterday. He said I'm doing well, though I have some "crossed wires due to the fibro" he gave me hand splints then told me he'd write to my rheumy to say he was finnishing with me. Surley after just 2 appointments he can't know the extent of my problems? Or is this just the beginning of the rough treatment fibro sufferers get? I've never been so confused as I have been since being diagnosed...

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Nope that's physio for you.... My GP has tried in vain to get physio to treat my neck as I can't turn my neck right .... Four years this has been going on and everytime they say... Oh no we don't touch necks.... When I had a bad back my GP sent me for physio they saw me 4 times and then said do these exercises and discharge me .. I paid privately for an osteopath and they sorted it but left my bank balance drained ..... It seems unless its something they can cure very quickly and with minimal effort you just get discharged

Yours in complete sympathy

VG x


Aww im sorry to hear that.... they really do have alot to answer for :( xx


I was referred to physio - had one appointment at which they took notes, no treatment, then a letter to say' we're closed due to Norovirus' - then .... nothing!

Ah well, just keep paying the taxes, people. I'm sure that HM Government will think of a good use for the money!



Hi I'm new to fibroAction I've asked my GP for help physio, I was told to go to the gym!!! Swim, oh and there is loads of selfhelp on the internet. I was diagnosed 8 years ago and I've only been to a less than useless pain management clinic. Kb


Thanks everyone x sounds like I was lucky to evenn have those two appointments :/ this is rediculous, surely something can be done about this? We need better health care. Maybe they should take all the professionals on a fibro course, show them what we need and more imoortantly, prove to them that this is a real illness. ...oops getting caried away with myself there...


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