Ok for what ever the reason sometimes I do get night sweats and they can be pretty bad, as in changing bed clothes etc. I am sure I have had blood tests that shows I am not about to enter the menopause any time soon

I can live with this and let's face it I don't have a choice in the matter but the stranges thing happened to me two nights ago.

Yes I woke up sweating, and my night things were damp along with bedding but it was my hands that looked and felt like they had been soaking in water for at least an hour and were all wrinklely and wet, also were a strange white colour then went very blue. You know it was the same look as after an hour in the bath, or after being in the swimming pool for too long.

Has anyone else had this and do you know what causes it as I have never seen anything like this before.

It's not happened again yet but please if any one can explain it I would be very grateful

Thanks again, Caroline xxx

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  • Hi Caroline, I have night sweats and have woken with a small puddle of sweat in the palm of my hands and have had sweat running down my legs. It's horribke. I really feel for you.

    The sweating seemed to be qorse when I was using buprenorphine patches. Thankfully I'm now taking pregablin and the sweating has eased. However, if I take tramadol before going to bed I tend to sweat more.

    What medication are you taking? I've only seemed to sweat this much and so regularly since having the fibro.

    Becky. X

  • Hey caroline,

    Me too! The most embarrassing part was the smell. Let's face it everyone's sweat smells and the funny thing is, it doesn't bother the sweater lol. The thing is not only was it like I wet the bed and left white marks on the linens, but the smell was like a stench from hell. I couldn't stand it, and as for my partner, I don't know how she put up with it. It was horrible, a scent I can't even start to describe. I know it started after a change to my meds(can't remember which one it was). Anyway, once I stopped that particular drug it was all good! I know this doesn't help you, but at least you know you're not the only one haha. Got to laugh about this f**kin fibro sometimes!!!

    hang in there,


  • Hi Caroline, I don't actually get night sweats, but I certainly have a propensity to literally pour with sweat, either if I over exert myself, or if I get nervous about things, which is quite often. I end up with soaking hair, back and face, but oddly not the underarms. It is such a worry time I find myself breaking into a sweat just thinking that I shouldn't .... odd, but then I suppose I am !! ;-) :-)

    You mention that your hands were a strange color and then went blue, did you lose the feeling in them and then get a burning sensation as the feeling came back ? If so it might be an idea to mention it to your GP as those can be symptoms of Raynauds Syndrome, often associated with Fibro. There are drugs that can help in those circumstances.

    Sorry not to be of more help, but best wishes coming your way.

    Foggy x

  • Lalalala. Forgot to mention that sweating can be a side effect of certain meds, amitriptyline is one of them.

    Foggy x

  • Ah, I wonder if Amitriptyline is why my sweating has got so bad. I've always been one to 'perspire' profusely (even as a fit athletic type in my previous life), but in the last cople of years I can just be sitting and on the phone or concentrating on something and I absolutely drip (hair, face and back like you Foggy). I was also having such bad night sweats, it was disgusting. I used to wear a nightshirt and put it down to having hot skin on hot skin (legs). Since wearing pyjamas it seems to have been better. I also get burning hands/feet which is unbearable. Stupid fibro... ;)

    Pip xx

  • We must be twins pip, I too had an athletic background at county level as a youngster, (ran 800m in 2.11). I too find pj's better than a nightshirt, odd, you would think a nightshirt would be cooler with legs exposed.

    Foggy x

  • Having just been watching the Worlds in Moscow I know that's quick! I played hockey in the East of England league and played at county level. I also loved playing badminton and squash. Of course training was a necessity, so that's where the running, gym work came in. Miss it all big time! My hope is to play badminton (no over head shots) at some point in the future. If I sweat then, I don't mind ;)

    Weird about the pj's isn't it. Who knew ;)

    Pip xx

  • Golly wow, that's good, I was assigned at school to teach the 1st and 2nd years hockey, as I was games captain, and the little blighters used to take such joy at thwacking my shins, despite shin pads, I always came away battered and bruised ! My "other" sport was swimming, which was great for not getting in a sweat over hehehe, at least no one noticed :D

    Foggy x

  • Are you sure ;)

    I played in goal. People used to think I was mad, but I was the one with the pads on! The only scars I have are from astro-turf burns on the few occasions I played outfield ;) Mind you, I don't expect my neck and shoulders would say being in goal did no harm ;)

    Oh and I was made to shower after hockey. Sweating in all that gear - not a good smell ;) xx

  • I never knew that. I knew it happened with tramadol. Looks like I have a triple whammy: menopause,amitrptyline and tramadol!

  • Poor you jilly all three together eeeeekkkk ......... Foggy sends shipping loads of fans and loads of extra strong plenty kitchen rolls. ;-)

  • Thank you. I have found placing one of those freezer blocks (frozen naturally) in front of a big fan so the air blows over the block then me, really does help. Experiments has shown me the fan needs to be directed at my trunk area, rather than face and legs/feet. It isn't perfect but I can recommend it for helping.

  • Gosh, what a good idea, I will try that, thanks :-)

    Foggy x

  • I know, the sweating is such a horrible part of the fibro :( I sweat from doing very little, and just using a hairdryer feels like I may as well be sitting in an oven!

    With regards to hands, I get a tremor (either the fibro or meds side effect), and have quite a poor grip - so much so I seem to have developed 'dropsy' - its so embarrassing! Does anyone else find this?

  • Hi All

    Yes I also too sweat. It's horrid, I only take morphine sulphate tablets & hydroxy but was getting the sweats before then. My GP said its part of having fibro. It's not nice as I sweat through the day and every night. The bedding plus clothes all have to get changed and have had to have a wash due to the sweat running down my legs and arms. My partner gets worried when it happens but fully knows why know. If I have a really bad day then I get really bad sweats that same night. There is only so much washing I can do and don't have a dryer, too warm to have heating on and weather well you never know if it's gonna rain. Where did this illness come from!

    Take care all xx

  • Methinks it comes from the nasty school of nastiness without a first class degree in nastiness and torture. :o

    Foggy x

  • hi I don't get mine of a night I get them of a day . if I move I drip and I am changing my cloths 2/3 times a day . . Asked doc and bless him he has said sorry I just can't think of why . and I had the( CHANGE OF LIFE ) when I was 27 . me I think it is all the pills we have to take

  • Morning All

    Well once again I've had another really bad night, so off come all the bed sheets and into the wash they go, lucky it's a nice day they can be hung on the line although the way I'm feeling I doubt that will happen. Am having to go round on all 4s the pain is terrible, so have decided to crawl back into bed. I'm even struggling to hold my phone today which isn't good but hopefully tomorrow might be a better one. I need shower cos I stink and have had to change my bed clothes but just haven't got the energy and in too much pain. Hope you all are ok and having a better day than me. Why me, I'm only 35 and use to lead a better life than this. I stay strong but sometimes I just feel like giving up :( xxx

  • Don't give up fighting Canary, I've had Fibro for ages and ages, it can go into a sort of remission, a calmer period I call it, so keep fighting and we are all here with support :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi canary , u mustn't give up, I use to say to myself why me perhaps I was a naughty girl when I was little cos I've had mine and arthritis of the spine since I was 11yrs old and am now 72yr old, I know it's a bummer of a condition, sometimes I have what I call sorry for me days, not very often mind, but then I think to myself there's nothing I can do about it except get on with life, and it could be worse, there are a lot of people worse off than us , at least our condition isn't a terminal illness like the big C for instance, I know this doesn't help much especially when your feeling so low..hang in there we are all here for each other to listen to us have a rant and moan, ......sending you plenty of gentle hugs ...Dee x

  • Morning Dee & Foggy

    Thanks for all your lovely words, I'm just having an emotional week. I get like this sometimes, but having come down with a nasty gastric bug isn't helping my current situation. I feel like a cripple most days but still get up every morning and travel into london for work. But this bug has really knocked my for six. My GP said I would be better in 4-5 days but it's day 4 now and don't. I really love this site cos I can talk and rant about stuff with people who have the same condition as me. I also suffer from a lupus like illness and have spondollosis in my neck. Are there any fibro support groups and if so would there be some near to me? I did go the the website and look but couldn't find any in Hertfordshire.

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face and cheering me up a little.

    Lucy xxxx

  • Hi I was diagnosed with fibro just 7 days ago. I have the night sweats and have done for about 2 years, I have chronic pain so much so I ended up in hospital twice last month. I ache all over, I have no energy, chronic head aches and just fed up. Does it get any better. I'm 21 I get married in 8 months time and I feel so alone. I have been given drugs but at moment don't see much improvement currently struggling to even walk and having to use a wheel chair to get out the house. I'm a manager but I have been off work for 3 weeks its taking over my life and I don't want it to. Please tell me it gets better

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