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Lidocaine Infusions and Injections

Hi everyone , I haven't posted in a while.

My Pain Management Consultant is treating my Fibro with Lidocaine Infusions and Injections in two 6-8 hour sessions and says that once again I will be able to go to the gym and play sports when everything gas settled!! I am very very happy. Currently doing pilates and yoga ( I must say I am soo sleepy after an hours session of them!)

What are your ways of coping with your pain ?


Have you had Lidocain infusions and injections if so what can I expect ?

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Iv had these unfotunately they didnt last long x


Every 4 weeks they think, ive just turned 20 so he said they need to start something soon as am fairly young to be diagnosed with it x

does it hurt ?


To be honest the only type of Lidnocaine infusions that gave anyone I know any long term effect were when we used to go into hospital for a week. Each day for 6 days we would spend 6 - 8 hours on a drip each day more Lidnocaine was in drip & less suspension liquid. The 1st time I had this had no relief for about 6 weeks then felt like the bionic woman for about 5 months, we used to go in every 6 months. Sadly I began to feel that I was having no relief after 6 years & decided to miss 1 to see if I felt worse I didnt had 1 more & felt no better so decided to stop. Shortly after my hospital stopped using this type if infusion as it was extremely expensive and new consultants actually told me there was no such thing as fibro it was depression, I changed consultants soon after as I had been in agony with my shoulder for 3 years he kept saying it was fibro, but I had known it was a totally different pain & how could it be fibro when he said there was no such thing the total idiot. I have since had Lidnocaine infusion over 2 hours to help with a botched up shoulder op but had no relief at all. Your consultant is wrong in my opinion to sAy about the gym n such as Lidnocaine in such small amounts has been proven ineffective in such small dose if fibro is severe hope you have a good response to it. I hope he warned you of the risks re heart problems as I developed Angina on it my friend who had admittedly been on it a few years more than I, had to have triple heart by pass both attributed to Lidnocaine Karen


I paid a private consultant a lot of money a few years back to treat my fm and he gave me a lidocaine injection and a vitamin shot.I went from bed bound to being able to get washed and dressed and go out etc..However it only lasted a short time and I couldn't afford to go back again.Can you get it on the nhs?


Lidnocaine infusions didn't help me one bit had quite a few injections in my tail end yes bottom of my spine think in long term made my back worse cant lie to sleep problems with feet told some thing I have to live with short name is policeman foot bloody painfully I know that ask where I don't hurt don't think I could say but each day I try keep going as we do often wish I could just sleep and never wake must be a lot of us on here feel the same some days sorry i am rambling I know but to be honest don't have anyone to moan to so to speak too


Bless you I know what that feels like. My ex partner has said I can always talk to him and when I did on monday he didn't know what to say because he didn't realise how bad I was. Its like am 20 and I've had to make the decision I need to have a child within the next 3 or 4 years as my pain gets worse and I get tired so fast I'm so weak atm I don't know if I'd be able to hold a baby someday :(


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