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Nice time with friends

Hi everyone,

Yesterday afternoon I had my girl friends over and we had some lunch and ti was really really nice. One of them brought a cake. Its a chinese chocolate cake and had lots of fruit on the top of it and its covered in cream. I had a piece, ate the fruit and most of the actual cake. Then last night guess what happened....... my bowels couldn't cope and I've woken up every hour during the night to go the loo. Its settled again now, but I said to my husband last night, all I can do is eat foods that I know don't affect me like this. I know it might be boring to eat the same types of food but if its what I need to do then I'll have to do. If the situation arises again where a friend brings a cake or some food around and I'm not sure to eat it or not, then I'll have to do without. Just wish I didn't have irritable bowles aswell to deal with. That is a mega pain!!

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Morning it is even worse when you know the answer but did you enjoy the chinese cake? I hope so or none of the aftermath was worth it ! Keep smiling:) xgins


Hi Gins,

Normal chocolate cake I'm okay with, but this had all sorts in it. It had various fruits on the top. There was jelly inside the cake and it was covered with cream and chocolate sprinkles. It looked gorgeous, but I didn't really enjoy it and didn't even eat all of it. I only ate a small amount of it and well the bowels didn't agree with it. But yes normal chocolate is okay for me. Thank you gins for you comment. Gentle hugs to you xxx


Chocolate cake is gorgeous! Next time eat lots and lots - it will either frighten your IBS into submission, or at least the night on the loo will have been worthwhile! :D

Moffy x


Hi Moffy,

Normal chocolate cake I enjoy very much but this was a very unusual cake. Thank you for your comment hun, gentle hugs xxx


Lol @ladymoth

Thats exactly what i thought.


Hi Kerrykell,

Thank you for your comment hun, gentle hugs xxx


Yep chocolate affects my IBS so I either avoid chocolate of all forms or eat so much its worth it :)


Hi VG,

Thank you so much for your comment. I do love normal chocolate cake and don't really have it that often. I think it was just that this was so unusual. Good news though as my bowels seem to of settled down. Gentle hugs hun xxx


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