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A way forward...hope its not backward

I saw a lovely lady today called a Health Trainer, I was referred to her by my GP. On a Friday each week (or at least when I'm able to leave the house or fit enough) I go to a community centre and do some chair based activities. I do chair activities now as often as I can that my OT gave me. (I'm absolutely scared of getting DVT) so I do these activities what I can only. The professional who is in charge makes sure that I do what I can and don't push myself too hard. Then after the activities have been done, its all done within an hour but again I only do what I can, no one is there to push me too hard or anything, then after the hour a healthy (free) lunch is provided and then after that there is a craft based activity (good for the hands and fingers). It'll be good to do something like this without any pressure as I can go when I feel fit enough and do only the activities I feel that I could do and no pushing and no pressure. It will be good to get out of the house and potentially meet new people, some could even be like me. I can't say how happy I am at the moment. I feel like there is a chance to get some (definitely some) normality back into my life. As I say I could do this for a year or longer, there is absolutely no presure or anything. No one to say "You should be further along by now" or "You've done this activity for ages, try a different one, push yourself harder" ect... I just wanted to tell you all what happened today. I'll let you all know how my first session goes. Gentle fibro hugs to you all. xxxx

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sounds ideal :)

hope they take it nationwide.



Hi Sandra, thank you. I really have the best GP. She really listens to me and is extremely supportive. I'd never heard of it before either, it would be good if it was available nationwide, i agree with you :) xx


Thats fantastic, really pleased for you. It's good to hear positive news about therapeutic interventions like this. No idea if this would be available elsewhere. Gentl fibro hugs, Becky. Xx


Hi Becky,

Thank you so much. The GP would know if it was available elsewhere or somewhere nearest to you. I'm lucky that I have a great GP. She really listens and understands me. :) xx


I wish this scheme would be rolled out nationwide!

My friend in Liverpool , who has MS, has been referred to a Health Trainer and enjoys it immensely!


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