What's the alternative?

Well, here I am again. I was sent home sick from work yesterday lunchtime. I got in and slept for over an hour. I woke up still in so much pain.

I had a similar experience two weeks ago. I pitched up at my doc, the receptionist could see I was in agony and got me right in to see the doc. I have to say she is brilliant and so sympathetic. I was crying because of the pain and she was very patient while I pulled myself together. We talked about my options and tweaked my medication. She suggested I take one Tramadol in the morning before I go to work and increase the Amitryptyline at night so I sleep better. Well I did take the Tramadol and it was a huge mistake. I tripped out at work and got sent home. I slept it off and decided not to take the Tramadol before work again!

Now the pains have got worse again, I have started to keep a pain diary to see if there is a pattern or trigger. I am 12 days in and so far there is nothing. I have noted the weather, what I did and whether it was a work day or not. My hubby read it and he is understanding a bit more.

I want to explore aternative treatments as I am so fed up of popping pills. I can fight this or give in and I am not prepared to give in. If anyone has any suggestions/experiencecof alternative treatments I would love to hear them. I'd also like to know how effective they were.

sorry to go on, gentle hugs to all.


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  • Hi there Deebee17 :)

    It's really frustrating when out tablets don't work how we'd like them to.

    Can I ask whether you were prescribed standard release Tramadol or moderate release Tramadol? I ask because the M/R Tramadol releases over 12 hours and you take you're next one it doesn't wear off off like the standard Tramadol does.

    At first it may make you dizzy and out of it but it takes time for them to work in your system properly alongside other medications that you may be taking.

    I thought you may be interested in our FAQ: My current medication doesn't seem to be working, what treatments are recommended for Fibro?


    This link takes you to Tramadol information and access to information regarding pain medications


    With that aside I thought you may be interested in this recent post which discusses alternative treatments


    Also, I think you might like to check out the section about complementary/alternative therapies on fibroaction.org from this link you have access to information regarding fibromyalgia and how it's treated. There are options out there :) I must say that if thinking about taking up complementary therapies it advisable to have a chat with your GP first.


    I'm not a medical professional so none of the advice that I have given should override that given to you by your own GP who may be able to help you choose appropriate treatments. :)

    I hope this is useful for you and wish you luck on your venture please let me know how you get on :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Hi Deebee17

    I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to your issues.

    I can see that zeb73 has sent you some really useful links, so I hope that they can help you find some answers. I think you may have to see your GP again and see what else it out there for you.

    Please remember before taking any alternative medications that you should discuss this with your GP in case there are any potential side effects and interactions to your drugs.

    Take care and good luck

    Ken x

  • Morning Deebee,

    How are you this morning? I too share your utter frustration with Fibro. It is a endless circle of differing pains, prescriptions, Doctors visits, stress and yet more pain. How do we handle it is the question - the answer lies in time. With time we learn desensitization , well I am trying to like you. The right combo of pain killers he right combo of what we can achieve before we are exhausted and most importantly the right combo of sleep. The later being one of the hardest things to achieve. A regular regime seems to help - making sure you go to bed before you are over tired an practice relaxation techniques to help sleep come.. I am still fighting to get the balance at night right but I still believe it has a direct influence on us the following day.

    The pain killers have to specific to you and you will sort out a balance that works and doesnt leave you feeling hung over in the morning..

    To work or not to work depends on the severity of your pain and the other illnesses you may suffer from like arthritis etc. Many of us find we have eventually to give up work in order to enjoy some of our lives. We only get the one we have to make the best of it.

    Sian has given you some really useful pages to look at an so I shall not go there to. It is a good thing to go and chat with your Doctor again and again if necessary until you find the help you need Dont give up ! This site is brilliant because someone is always here to ask questions or vent at if things are difficult.

    Keep smiling (that helps too)


  • Morning DeeDee

    Hope you are better day today.

    Have you thought of an infrared blanket. They are sold as weight reduction but I find that heat improves my muscles and bones. Build up the temperature and time (half an hour) gradually and always shower afterwards.

    At night again I find hot water bottles helpful even in the summer!

    I also changed all my light bulbs to daylight ones. Have you had your Vitamin D levels checked, most people in the UK who work indoor need more.

    Watch more happy TV laughter may not be the best medicine but it is good medicine.

    Keep an eye on your activity and pace pace and pace again.

    Also real hugs as well as gentle ones are good.


  • Thanks to all of you. i am back in work today after taking yesterday off sick. I saw the doctor and we discussed alternatives (Zeb I will look at your links when I have finished this post). We also discussed dietary options and I have decided to cut out dairy for a while to see if that will help. I was told I need to think about taking a calcium and vitamin D supplement as the Dr was worried about my bones in later life.

    I can't take Tramadol during the day so I have been told to take it at night, and up the Amitryptyline. The problem with that is that it makes me drowsy so I have to think of a way round that.

    Jac, thanks for the suggestions of an infrared blanket. I've never heard of this and will investigate it.

    Gins, you are so right about getting the combo right. As you say it isn't just the pills. It's also the activity etc. My biggest enemy is me. In my mind I am as fit as I have always been, a whilrlwind going round the office, doing stuff at a hundred miles an hour. Then I start to move and I can't, then I get frustrated and cry. Then I get embarrassed because I cry and it's a vicious circle.

    I'm trying to accept this and will try anything to ease the pains.Thanks for being so supportive :)

  • Hmm. I'm no medic either. Yesterday I pointed to something on a map and howled. I wasn't even lifting anything.

    I've been taking ami at 6pm. I still sleep (kind of) and don't feel high in the morning so much. Discuss supplements with GP. Fibromites seem generally on so much it's a good idea to check if you really need them but if doc has already said she's worried then maybe it would help to get as much in balance as possible.

    My GP tested for vit D and prescribed 20 000 units a day! But Vit E will give problems sooner and you don't know how they'll interact with what you're already taking.

    Quack doctor badger prescribes a healthy dose of endorphin producing fun. Try a banana just before bedtime. I know it sounds weird but apart from trace elements it raises serotonin.

    Then maybe it's time we had an ice cream fight or something at the weekend. I still have a fully charged marshmallow gun here. Any takers?

    Gentle hugs

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