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Finally! Web based Help with my claim for DLA

Just popped by to say that having found a web based company to help handle my mobility claimk I can now sleep at night again and have started to relax a little. I couldnt bare the fight on my own again having been let down by all the usual channels of help the first time round coming out of a nasty court battle with next to nothing. The company I found have taken the strain away. I vowed without help like this I would not go back through the intimidation and torture of another claim, but now I can, as they will even come to tribunal if needed. It wont cost me anything other than a small part of my back pay if awarded so its like a no win no fee. I cant say how much it means to me to have some REAL help. Long may we have this kind of opportunity for help. A big thank you to those who were able to point me in right direction on this issue.

:) NN

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have you got the benefits & work guides from admin?


these guides are free and are very useful.


Thanks Sandra, everything was done by the book the first time and should have resulted in fair processing BUT without a gun as big as the judge I faced no chance. I think its called be a pig because you can! I have since learnt that on several counts if I had the legal know how that this company has it would have been thrown out of court for many reasons. Its been a long hard journey, 1 nil to them but with help I will redress the balance!


You seem very happy with the support you have found we are concerned that you may have agreed to signing over a large amount of your winning shall we call it - to the helpers. However, at the end of the day it is your decision so good luck hope the outcome is good just remember we are here if you need us xgins


Hi Gins,

No infact it is a no win no fee, so they are at risk of working for nothing. Without them I would not have re entered the system as its a case of courts being allowed to make unjust decisions without legal help. The fee charged is a small price to catch the benefit folk at their own game and fight them with legal representation rarther than roll over. I have had to employ solicitors in the past and I can say that their fees even for a junior would be 100 times that of the cost of this no risk situation. I dont miss what I cant have and with the benefit system as it is and the way Ive been judged I am simply unable to attain it any other way. I have not been vulnerable for many years and have indeed been able to represent folk in court myself as part of my job, however when sick and faced with legal pigs.... its impossible... so yes it is a godsend. If the system was fair then we wouldnt need companies like this... but until then I guess we do. Thank you for your concerns and yes I am sure there are alot of folk out there charging alot to help us in our battle (solicitor companies and private advocates) who dont operate a no win no fee and percentage of back pay. I heard about this system from a friend who got web help some 3 years ago on same basis. He came out with the top care and mobility and was well enough to still keep his job at a bank. Its 3 years of high level support that he rec. as he chose NOT to fight them on his own. I on the other hand struggle to walk even with a frame and came out with 0!!! It can only be good practice to spread good result finding things, just like those commenting on how successfull their drugs are or arnt...... and on that note I hope that many more good things can be shared in this space, if it works then let folk know and share, likewise if it doesnt then the same applies, spread the knowledge, isnt that what its all about?

I do thank you for your concerns and I do understand that I cant publicly tell anyone in a blog the name of who helps me, so dont worry I wont be doing that, just want folk to know that when doing it by the book hasnt helped there is another way of facing the demons who are allowed to judge us incorrectly.

Many thanks for concern :) NN


Hi NordicNavajo, after a year of having an ATOS medical, appealing the findings, losing the appeal and then waiting for a Tribunal date, when the date was finally given it was a few days after I was having reconstructive ligament surgery on my right knee... I decided to go the same route as yourself because having read about so many people's experience on this site, I realised I just couldn't face it by myself. Haven't actually been to Tribunal yet as when my representative was made aware of the operation I was about to have, having had the same thing himself he knew I would be barely able to walk so we asked for a change of date to allow me time to begin to recuperate, which was duly granted. Meanwhile, I realised just how stressed out I'd become by fighting this alone - since deciding to get some help I have been getting up in the morning and no matter how bad a night I've had, the first thing that comes into my head is not the fear of what will happen at the Tribunal. It's been shifted to the end of this month, and I will post whatever the outcome - good luck with yours!


Dear Rivermountaindreamer

What a fantastric response to blog. I am so glad to read that someone else looks at this service as very necessary, and like me quite frankly I expect they would have got off the hook if you hadnt found similar help as there is nothing else to do but stop applying without this help. I wish you all the luck in the world with your new tribunal and also with your op. By the sounds of your name you may well find goodness in the healing powers of being out there in nature and just watching the animals and insects. I do hope you can get out to let nature help you unwind and heal a little.

Many bright thoughts :) NN


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