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Failed my DLA claim gutted

Can't believe I failed my DLA claim,very emotional,I take so many tablets also morphin patches,in chronic pian most of the time,got insomnia take zoplicone,very deep depression,anxiety,paniac attacks,migranes,restless leg,degenerated disc disease,prolaspe disc,ect I'm on amitripline,diclofenac sodium,also simvastin for my chorestreal,I don't l ow what to say or do,got my doctors tomorrow,want a medical report,I'm going to tribunal,has anybody got any tips to help me,I got my ESA for 18 months and DLA got they reports that's why I failed but I believe I passed with my doctor report I can't win,

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Have you asked the CAB to help you to fill the form in. The first time I applied I was turned down because at the medical they said just try and do this or that and I tried!!! What they never saw was I was in bed for 3 days after the medical !!! They should let you see the medical report but am not sure if they do let you see it!!

Go straight for an appeal !!

Good luck

Gentle hugs

Rainbowdancer x x


Hya rainbow dancer I've never heard of CAB,I'll do a search think that'll be good x


I am sorry that your DLA claim has not been successful. Are you near a Disability Advice Centre (DIAL) so that you could discuss your case with them about Appealing the decision made and on which grounds? I'm sure the rest of the group will give you good advice. Meanwhile, please take care of yourself. (Detach, build-up and return with a vengeance). x


Hya reflections,I'm going to search for a disability advice centre,they could help,I'm back at doctors tomoz,x


They turn down a huge number of claims in the hope you will drop out of the system; you have to just keep appealing until they come to their senses I am afraid.

Julie xx


Hello 5exy1

I am so sorry to hear you lost your case, you mention you say you want a medical report, did you know you can get a copy of the Atos medical assessors report, you have to phone the DSS and request a copy of their report that the atos medical assessor has done but it will take a couple of months for the report to be sent to you, I finally received a copy of my report last week I had waited nearly 3 months for a copy now I intend to go to Tribunal as I was turned down also.

Take care JJ


dont go for an apeal go for a reconsideration , you just phone them up and tell themyou want someone else to read your claim form , its alot quicker this way x


i totally agree with you rosehip, i did this and got it all sorted within a month!!



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