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HELP please does any one know of web based firms that help with DLA form/claim?

Having been through the mill and wrung out once, I did it all correctly the first time and were commended on my correct form filling by several welfare experts at CAB. However I still had to go to court on own and ended up despite not being able to walk more than a few feet without stopping without any mobility element. The judge parked himself in court with road blocks not allowing anyone let alone disabled drivers to access him and for that reason alone was able to ignore my mobility frame!

I don't just want help, I want to EMPLOY a company to take me all the way through to the end claim, I have heard through a friend of a friend who was successful in his claim that he used such a company, but despite searching on the web I can only find such companies in the USA. The person who won high level care and high level mobility by using a web company as third party/representative was indeed suffering disability, but he was still able to WORK full time in a bank mail room!!! They took a percentage of his claim when awarded from the waiting time, which as we all know can be over a year. Any clues on such a company or how I may find them? I am not going back through the unjust court system again without someone fighting it for me, I am eloquent, intelligent, and honest but that system crucifies me so not going to even call in the form until I have found the right firm to help. Any leads much appreciated. Please PM me if you have anything that may be looked upon as a recommendation as the moderators here may think you are trying to sell a service or something and I don't want that! I just want to find one of those web companies so I can start dialogue with them. If I cant find right firm then I will complete from start myself and employ barrister for ATOS and court. This time I have full backing of my GP which before was a sticking point. A legal representative will be more costly than the web firm as they cost around £800.

Any help MUCH appreciated

NN :)

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I have Messaged you with a link for one company I am aware of - My Benefit Claim. I don't have personal experience of them though.


Thank you Lindsey

They are a fair company to deal with and justice not profit based. Had conversation yesterday and they explained how they cover all of the UK. They also adised me of facts I didn't know like I don't have to totally re apply I can just go for the mobility element which means no risk of losing the low level care I have fought through court to get. They will even come to any tribunal and represent me! Fingers crossed now, they are calling me later today to start mobility claim.

Many many thanks - I may get my mobility scooter after all!



hi may i have the link as well please for the company to help with dla claims. is there any legal people that can come to court to help with appeal please.

thank you. xxx


Hi, I was turned down for DLA twice.I then used a company called Benefit Information Services.They managed to get me low rate care .we then went to appeal and tribunal which took a long time but I was awarded high rate care and high rate mobility.I had to pay them a percentage of my back payout but it was well worth it.Hope this helps you. Denise xx


Thank you Denise, yes I have heard that this is one of the best ways of getting justice, and really not costly at all considering we are failing to find that justice on our own! Thank you very much

NN :) x


Not to sure where you live but a company on Facebook called Fightback operate around Manchester she does charge a small amount but will come to your home xx


Thanks Mo, I hope Im sorted with "" So far so good.

Thanks again NN


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