i went to my tribunal on Thursday for my ESA and it went in my favour.

The doctor was asking alot of questions trying to trip me up about how far i can walk without having pain....... I had representation with my rep from The Derbyshire Unemployed Worker Union, and thanks go to Kathy for her support as the meeting we had last week really helped as she advised me on how to reply to the questions.

At least now i have it in writing from a Judge that i am not well enough to go to work

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  • Good on you DanHan! :-)

    It's good to finally read of someone actually getting awarded their ESA or DLA etc. I'm on DLA and it took 2 long, hard years of appeal after appeal before I won.

    Gentles hugs,


    Carol xx

  • Yeahh, its so good to hear good news from these tribunals. :)

    I am so pleased for you.

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • Hi DanHan,

    Thats Brilliant new's ........ Well Done to You i am so pleased for you, and gives others hope too

    Thanks for shareing

    love and gentle hugs xxxxx :-)

  • hi i am so pleased for you . Have they put you in the suppport group xx

  • Well done what a really positive blog from you that is marvellous news all we seem to see on here is got to appeal and lost so it is nice to haer of a win for a change you must feel so much better knowing that worry is offf your mind.

    i had dial man here on thursday last week to fill in my forms for DLA i dont hold out much hope but if i lose i will appeal and then will leave it for 6 months to a year but good luck to you love diddle x

  • That's fantastic news DanHan!! Well done!

  • Well done, really pleased for you, about time somebody won there appeal Gives hope for us all .

    Can I be a bit nosey and ask if you suffer with anything else apart from the fibro and all its symptoms?

    Love Sharon xx

  • i have arthritis in my hip joint and had a mild stroke 5 years ago, have asthma but the fibro is the main one that stops me doing anything and makes me exhausted and causes a lot of pain in my legs, back, hips, feet and spine...... i got the points for mobility and for not being able to sit in one place for more than an hour,..... the best advise i can give anyone who is going for a tribunal is to explain yourself really well and get the message over to the judge and doctor, that this fibro is real it is painful and is stopping you in your tracks.

    when they asked me if there was anything else that i thought they should know, my reply was......... it has been very difficult coming to terms with having this disease, going from being very active and working since i left school at 16, even going back to work 2 weeks after my first child was born. now i struggle to function or even get out of bed in the morning, life has got very difficult in every aspect, i try to stay positive and get on with life as much as this disease lets me. If i could work i would i dont like being ill and dont want to be ill but i am, and for me to say that is all part of me accepting fibromyalgia. I have not give up i am just trying to live a life that is different now than it was a few years ago!

    they both said thank you for being so honest .

  • Well done and gentle hugs xx

  • Well done! really well done! I'm having an ongoing nightmare with esa with having to attend a med every 6 months. Wish wish, wish, I could function normally and have a constant battle even admitting i have fibro! don't want it as I'm sure none of us do but as most of us seem to look ok it is tricky....and i feel traumatised each time I go for a medical, each time. Glad to hear positive news. Good Luck xxx Lidia

  • very well done! fantastic news. ;)

  • i have my hearing in September , any help with answer would be great .i cant take the lady from community law as they don't get funding to come with me. i am dreading it my fibro is in flare up mode as i am stressed thinking about it. i do try not to think about appeal but it is still hard,

    well done for winning your hearing. gentle hugs x

  • Dear Rosylyn

    I feel for you hun. When you can, list everything that hurts, what it stops you from doing, how you get around such problems or don't, how it affects your life from your current perspective. Don't wait until you feel well as its so easy to forget something.

    When you do feel well, which I hope is very soon, rewrite it so it makes sense and take it to your doctor [or post it]. I found doing this helped my doctor alot, a slimmed down version was then sent to my Rheumatologist to read and diagnosis was achieved.

    Then hopefully this will also help with your hearing - you can refer to your notes and don't forget how fogs cause you problems!

    Have you asked Citizens Advice if they have anyone who could go with you? Do you belong to a Union? They could support you. If you cannot get anyone, maybe you could ask for a written statement from the lady from community law as support and take someone who has first hand experience of you when you are really bad - if there is no one, could you get a friend to come around now and see how things are? its no good being proud and hiding!

    I wish you well and good luck!

    Soft hugs

  • well done ,such great news , :)

  • well done xx

  • thats brilliant news hugs x

  • bril news. I feel that your explanation of your daily life is something which these people need to understand. I am currently applying and going to the gp tomorrow to see if she will back me up.

  • So good to hear of someone whose won their case, it seems to me that many don't. I have my first ESA medical next week and am terrified and getting stressed out already. I have multiple illnesses as well as the Fibro, but even my own GP told me to be prepared to fail it. He's written a well informed letter to try and help back up my case but I still worry I will get a big fat NO!

    Same as Rosylyn, any help with how to answer their questions etc would be great.

    Bright Blessings and Well Done x

  • See my advice to Rosylyn on this and I hope you are successful. Good luck.

  • DanHan, I am so very happy to hear this fantastic news..It certainly does give us all hope.Well done.Fantastic..Take care.


  • Well done DanHan !!!! :) xxx

  • Congratulations! I hope you celebrated well! Soft hugs, keep well

  • yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thats brill news............ive sent mine off this wk, with a surporting leter from my gp and occ therapist....fingers crossed....xxxx

  • brilliant news danhan x

  • Congratulations! I'm still waiting for a response from my request to look at the decision again... but then it would be tribunal. Your great result is really encouraging to us all!


  • Congratulations Danhan, i more or less said the same at my meeting with them but they took the support element off me, which I've appealed, I would say what made them do that was because I was able (just) to get up on the examining table, and considering she did very little examining when I got up there she smiled at me when I got down real slow, next time I'm not getting up, congratulations it's terrible how we've to fight for everything, gentle hugs Claire xx

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