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had esa tribunal


well went along to tribunal this morning and dont know how it went, i burst out crying most of the time because of the lies the nurse told about me, the judge asked me what kind of work would i like to do and i said my housework for a start. There was a female dr there who asked most of the questions and i had to remember how i was back in jan when i was found fit for work ans i told her i couldnt remember waht i did yesterday never mind jan, now since jan i have had a few new symptoms like a frozen shoulder and bumps on the arch of my feet which is making walking very difficult but they did not want to know about that its totally crazy and as i said i dont know how it went they said they would make a decision later on today and will let me know the outcome by letter so fingers crossed x

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how brave are you.. well done. i am not so brave and not only am i not turning up to mine i have no idea of when the date its either ... call it ostrich syndrome to add to my others. i just cant cope with knowing. i do know that when that brown letter arrives i will probably be heart broken but i know its unlikely that the out come would be any different anyway. i too would have no idea what i was like in january. i dont know about you but i wake up every morning hopefully, but i am always disappointed to find a bad nights sleep as left me with another twist and turn in my body else to annoy the hell out of me. i cant hold in my head when each arrived or went or my head would explode.. what ever the out come of your appeal [and i hope its good] you can hold your head up and say that you at least tried to fight this monster of a system. i feel they are hoping there are mostly cowards like me who they can break anonymously.

gentle hugs

I am a coward to, I have never faced them once for fear of making them look like fools, which would only go against me, threatening to beat the crap out of them is not a defence in law, so I am told. :)

i was crapping myself too but i felt i had to go to proove that this illness is real and that we deserve to be heard wether they believe me is a different story , i also got my point over about the treatment i got from the nurse at atos and that she lied through her teeth so even if i dont win i did try x

Well done She33. You have done all you can. I found the whole thing very stressful when I went to DLA tribunal and gret most of the way through too. You stand a much better chance if you attend. At least you will stand a chance of sleeping tonight, as you will be emotionally exhausted!!!

Hope you get the result you want.



PS love your icon!!!

she33 in reply to CarolePer

sleeping is not something i do well but lots of meds sometimes help x

I was always told that turning up to attend your tribunal in person was advisable and gave you a much better chance.

Not if you have a brain and are prepared to argue with them it doesn't. They don't like people who are not intimidated by them and can speak to them on their own level.

I wish I'd been aware of that before attending my own tribunal last week, as I'd have stayed home. As it was I attended, got asked a bunch of stupid irrelevant questions, and the replies were twisted and used against me.

I wanted to batter the doc with my walking stick, but as EG says, not something you'd get away with - more's the pity.


she33 in reply to Maladjusted

i found it really hard not to swear especially about the bitch nurse from atos and they were ok i expected a lot worse but maybe thats a bad sign will let u all know the outcome when i get it and thanks for all the support xxx

good luck


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