esa tribunal turned down,

esa tribunal turned down, as im worse now than i was in april the month that they had to go off? i had a very good report from dwp doc 4 weeks ago that supported everything i put in form he said i had significant disabilities etc, but they couldnt use that? i was just turned down for dla and the the judge told me off the record that i should get that and to photo copy the doc report and ask them to review it, im guted with outcome the judge told me that that report should go in my favour but for the esa tribunal she didnt go in my favour, what do i do now? xx

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  • Get in touch with CAB or a Welfare Rights person asap. I`m no expert but think its disgusting what they have done to you, if the Judge said that off the record then that means you should have really got it. What more do they want us peeps turning up in a box? Try to keep your chin up Chuck, am sure someone on here will point you in the right direction. You have lots of friends on here to try and help. x

  • well im getting more and more scared im gonna lose mine then in a few weeks.wot chance do we getting ready for losing this appeal .

    if you wanna keep fighting then does as this lady above says and keep fighting for it.and i hope you get your dla.good luck.

  • Hi

    I got turned down by DLA tribunal. What judge? was it the judge from the tribunal? If so I cant understand why he was positive to you as he should have been part of the decision making process that turned you down. Was that the judge who told you to challenge HIS/HER decision?

    Hope you get it sorted.

    Hugz NN :)

  • hi it was for esa support tribunal but she asked me if i get dla i said ive just applied for it and was turned down on the grounds of just my gp's report, as my tribunal was adjourned in july for further evidence the court asked a doc to come and see me which he did and went in my favour supporting all i said on my forms, the judge said she shouldnt tell me this but she is she told me to photo copy the doc report and send it to dla and in light of this evidence for them to reveiew my claim for dla, in the meantime at esa support tribunal they said they have to go off how i felt in april, so why did ths tribunal ask for a new doc report if they couldnt use it im confused, x

  • Hi

    It does seem that the right arm doesnt know what the left arm is doing with respect to govt processes. My advice to you (and im not a lawyer) is to request in writing for the tribunals "record of proceedings" and take this to a suitable welfare organisation with legal advice to see where you stand on esa tribunal. The cab have welfare rights staff that you can only access through having a case with them, and you may be entitled to legal aid (unlike me). ps get proof of delivery on your request for "record of proceedings" from tribunal. This applies to either dla tribunal OR esa.

    Good luck and keep us posted on your progress so we can eventually celebrate some justice.

    Kind thoughts NN :)

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