Happy and why not ??v

Hi everyone just decided that no I am not going to feel guilty for taking voluntary redundancy. Little nest egg. Have worked all my life always said I would retire at fifty fibro has given me that. Just bought me a perching stool for 30 pound bargain. Got loads of pain so what got a lovely family who help me. .y cat died not going to get upset cause she had a lovely long pampered life. This is my mantra from now on always look on the bright side of life ha ha . Next I am going to get me a scooter yay life can be good depends how u look at it love u all x x x

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  • Good for you, stay positive. Wish I could. x

  • Its hard but we got to try else we end up wasting our lives. - am in pain 24.7 but I am not going to give into it please be strong x x x

  • well done webby for staying positive take care love beth xx

  • POsititiviity is shining from you webby, well done you x x x

  • Thanku x x x

  • good on ya webby means a lot when you have a good family i have a wee dog shes 14 years old and i dont no what i would do with out her. best wishes frances xx

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