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Two and a half years

Iv met a lot of good friends on our fibro site , also on the RLS Foram as at first the doctors thought I had RLS --- they got in wrong There was one particular member I met 2 ana1/2 years ago we spoke every day she was so kind even though she was very ill her self I miss her badly her name was Yikes Does any one know what happens too her ?

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Hi again my friend, I have just looked on the members page (this is on the home page under READ MORE ..... ) and you can enter a members name to find them. Sadly, there is no current member under the name of Yikes.

If this person was on another forum you could try looking yourself on that? I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck with finding them.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I do remember Yikes, sorry i dont know what happened to her. :O


Ok thank you 😉


Hi, I remember Yikes, she was from USA. If I remember correctly, there was a falling out between Admin and herself and another member.

I did see her name on another HealthUnlocked site RLS?

GP. 😊


Ok thank you Yes I used to be a member of theRLS Foram as I was wrongly told by the hospital that I had RLS , So I had years of wrong medication Thank god they now got it right .


Did a bit of investigation and it apears that she also left the RLS forum some time back. Some times something happens in someones life and they feel they have to move on or circumstances dictate they do not have the time or the energy to come on the site or correspond. It is a shame as it seems as though you had a good relationship and I presume you PM'd each other. Hope someone comes through with some contact details for her so you can get back in touch.x


You got a good heart Rose Wine Thank you


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