Prickly Heat

Prickly Heat

I've noticed a lot of people are suffering from prickly heat in this sweltering weather, so I thought I would pass on a good tip learned in Morocco 25 years ago. I had a very bad rash, and was applying cold water and sun lotion, but it kept getting worse.

The local doctor told me that the best thing was to have a good hot soapy wash, followed by a thorough rinse, then keep all creams and oils away from the skin for a few days and just apply some calamine lotion. Obviously it's best to stay out of the sun for a few days, and cover up if you do go out.

This worked very well, as the build up of creams and oils which we apply in the sun can irritate the skin and block the sweat glands causing this very uncomfortable condition.

I hope that if you are suffering you will find this tip helpful!

Moffy x

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  • Is luckily not suffering with hedgehog syndrome, but is wearing a big brimmed hat, two benefits, keeps me shaded, and best of all, people don't have to suffer seeing my face ;-)

    Foggy x

  • There's nothing wrong with the Foggy Physiognomy! You will get a slap for being daft, so face the world with a big smile - smiles are always beautiful!

    Moffy x

  • another tip is it is a fungal rash so sprinkle your self lightly with athletes powder ,it does work x

  • Pokes face with very wide brimmed hat on, round the corner ;-) then smiles beaming lay and dashes away just in case Moffy is on form.

  • Stares at moffy from under a thick layer of sudocrem ....NOW she tells us ...

    Blows bubbles evilly

    VG the white puffa fish

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